Second day of the All Island Relay Championship conducted by the Education Ministry was held today at the Duriappah stadium, Jaffna

U18 & U20 finals of 4X800m for the boys and girls were held today. Walala A Ratnayake College were the most successful as they managed to clean sweep both boys and girls finals in the U18 & U20 age groups.

Defending champions St. Benedict’s managed to hold onto a slender lead of one point over their Negambo rivals Maris Stella College. Bens have a total of 30 championship points while Maris Stella College are close behind with 29 points. Trinity College is in third place with 20 points.

Similar to the boy’s segment, defending champions Walala A Ratnayake College- Girls who clinched the overall girls trophy are on the top of the point table with 22 points and are holding a slender 2 point lead over Sir John Kothalawala MV Kurunegala. Sir John Kothalawala girls had an impressive opening day but the Walala girls have managed to take the lead on the back of their good showing in the 4X800m relay.

Tomorrow is the third and the final day of the All Island Schools Championship with finals of 4X200, 4X400 & 4X1500 of all age groups set to light up the capital city of the northern peninsula.

Day 2 Points Table – Boys

1St. Benedict’s  College – Col. 1330
2Marisstella College  – Negombo29
3Trinity  College – Kandy20
3A Rathnayake MMV – Walala20
5St. Peter’s  College – Co. 0419
6Rahula  College – Matara15
7St. Joshep Vaz Col – Wennappuwa11

Day 2 Points Table – Girls

1A Rathnayake MMV – Walala22
2Sir John Kothalawala M.V. – Kurunegala20
3Suamana Balika Vidyalaya – Ratnapura16
4Janadhipathi Balika Vidyalaya – Nawala13
4Ave Mariya convent – Negombo13
6Dharmapala College – Pannipitiya12
6Welimada MMV12
6Swarnamali Girls College – Kandy12
9Mahamaya Girls College – Kandy11
10Ambagamuwa MMV10


E: No.2014x800MBoys U18Final
1385A.Rathnayake M.M.V.-Walala8:32.0 Min
2362St. Sylvester’s   College – Kandy8:39.4 Min
3119St. Joshep Vaz Col – Wennappuwa8:43.2 Min
4326Bandarawela M.M.V.8:55.4 Min
5350St. Peter’s  College – Co. 049:09.5 Min
6381St. Benedict’s  College – Col. 139:27.1 Min
7103Welimada C.C.9:53.5 Min
E: No.2024x800MGirls U18Final
1688A Rathnayake    MM V – Walala10:01.9 Min
2827Sri Rathnanapala MV – Mahaussawewa10:47.6 Min
3504Weimada Central College11:10.2 Min
4681Sumana Blika Vid.-Rathnapura11:32.6 Min
5661Ambagasdowa C.C.11:58.4 Min
6839Musaeus College – Colombo 0712:48.9 Min
7787St. Bridget`s College – Colombo 0712:59.2 Min
E: No.2034x800MBoys U20Final
1386A.Rathnayake M.M.V.-Walala8:25.9 Min
2301Marisstella College  – Negombo8:43.7 Min
3351St. Peter’s  College – Co. 048:46.0 Min
4104Welimada C.C.8:49.2 Min
5382St. Benedict’s  College – Col. 138:53.7 Min
6363St. Sylvester’s   College – Kandy9:05.0 Min
7404Bandaranayake College Gampaha9:35.7 Min
E: No.2044x800MGirls U20Final
1689A Rathnayake    MM V – Walala10:15.5 Min
2505Weimada Central College10:58.4 Min
3662Ambagasdowa C.C.11:06.4 Min
4682Sumana Blika Vid.-Rathnapura11:28.5 Min