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St. Joseph’s hold their nerves to successfully defend 2-day title

Singer Schools U19 Division 1 - Two Day Final


St. Joseph’s went on to successfully defend their Singer Schools U19 Division 1 Two Day title, overcoming the tricky 97 run deficit they faced coming in to day two, to claim 1st innings points against S. Thomas’ College.

Resuming on 120/4 at the Royal College grounds in Colombo, the Josephians lost their batting mainstay Dineth Jayakody for 44, when he edged behind, looking to drive away from the body. 

Photos: S. Thomas’ College vs St. Joseph’s College | U19 Div I Two Day Cricket Tournament 2018/19 – Final – Day 2

But a stubborn sixth-wicket stand of 62 runs between Dunith Wellalage and Sachintha Mahindasinghe got the Josephians back on track, before the latter fell for 34 runs – ending his school career after three years of 1st XI cricket. 

Wellalage though continued to provide stubborn resistance as he made sure the Josephians went past the Thomian first innings score along with Lakshan Gamage for company. 

The champions lost their last four wickets in quick time with Wellalage missing out on a well-deserved century by 12 runs as the Joes folded up for 269, securing a 53 run lead. 

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The Thomians made an optimistic attempt of an outright win before they eventually called the game off after reaching 67/2, as the Josephians clinched the championship on first innings points. 

Thomians who ended up as runners up also clinched the U19 Division 1 Limited Over Tournament when they beat Richmond college a couple of days back. 


S. Thomas’ College
216/10 (59.1) & 67/2 (12.2)
St. Joseph’s College
269/10 (72)
Sithara Hapuhinna c Lakshan Gamage b Ashen Daniel11712721192.13
Shalin De Mel c Johanne De Zilva b Shalinda Senevirathne12292041.38
Ryan Fernando c Sheran Fonseka b Lakshan Gamage24453053.33
Yohan Perera c Sachintha Ravindu b Ashen Daniel14502028.00
Ravindu De Silva b Dunith Wellalage19333057.58
Kishan Munasinghe lbw b Dunith Wellalage160016.67
Umayanga Suwaris b Dunith Wellalage5111045.45
Kalana Perera c Yesith Rupasinghe b Dunith Wellalage01000.00
Dellon Peiris c Johanne De Zilva b Shalinda Senevirathne21404052.50
Thevin Bimsara Eriyagama lbw b Dunith Wellalage01000.00
Shannon Fernando not out013000.00
Extras3 (b 0 , lb 1 , nb 1, w 1, pen 0)
Total216/10 (59.1 Overs, RR: 3.65)
Fall of Wickets 1-58 (13.1) Shalin De Mel, 2-123 (26.5) Ryan Fernando, 3-167 (39.3) Sithara Hapuhinna, 4-174 (43.1) Yohan Perera, 5-175 (44.1) Kishan Munasinghe, 6-181 (46.5) Umayanga Suwaris, 7-181 (47) Kalana Perera, 8-198 (54.4) Ravindu De Silva, 9-198 (54.5) Thevin Bimsara Eriyagama, 10-216 (59.1) Dellon Peiris,
Lakshan Gamage942813.11
Johanne De Zilva714706.71
Ashen Daniel2016123.05
Shalinda Senevirathne8.103424.20
Dunith Wellalage1534553.00
Johanne De Zilva c & b Thevin Bimsara Eriyagama12241050.00
Sheran Fonseka c Sithara Hapuhinna b Kalana Perera17541031.48
Dinal Anuradha run out (Shalin De Mel)18443040.91
Dineth Jayakody c Dellon Peiris b Kalana Perera44654067.69
Dilesh Perera lbw Kishan Munasinghe b Shannon Fernando471057.14
Dunith Wellalage c Kalana Perera b Thevin Bimsara Eriyagama8810410184.62
Sachintha Ravindu c & b Shannon Fernando34515066.67
Lakshan Gamage b Kalana Perera10190052.63
Yesith Rupasinghe b Dellon Peiris23414056.10
Ashen Daniel not out11201055.00
Shalinda Senevirathne b Dellon Peiris01000.00
Extras8 (b 0 , lb 3 , nb 3, w 2, pen 0)
Total269/10 (72 Overs, RR: 3.74)
Fall of Wickets 1-22 (8.1) Johanne De Zilva, 2-49 (19.2) Dinal Anuradha, 3-55 (22.1) Sheran Fonseka, 4-60 (23.5) Dilesh Perera, 5-130 (38.5) Dineth Jayakody, 6-192 (52.4) Sachintha Ravindu, 7-218 (58.5) Lakshan Gamage, 8-243 (64.4) Dunith Wellalage, 9-269 (71.3) Yesith Rupasinghe, 10-269 (71.3) Ashen Daniel,
Kalana Perera2019734.85
Shalin De Mel20402.00
Thevin Bimsara Eriyagama602624.33
Yohan Perera10202.00
Shannon Fernando1814922.72
Dellon Peiris1124424.00
Kishan Munasinghe31702.33
Umayanga Suwaris1103703.36

Sithara Hapuhinna c Sachintha Ravindu b Dunith Wellalage38412192.68
Shalin De Mel c Lakshan Gamage b Ashan De Alwis24272088.89
Ravindu De Silva not out450080.00
Extras1 (b 0 , lb 0 , nb 1, w 0, pen 0)
Total67/2 (12.2 Overs, RR: 5.43)
Fall of Wickets 1-49 (9.2) Shalin De Mel, 2-38 (12.1) Sithara Hapuhinna,
Lakshan Gamage10808.00
Ashan De Alwis611813.00
Yesith Rupasinghe201708.50
Dunith Wellalage3.202417.50