Rugby fraternity unites to uplift CWW Kannangara


It was a small gathering in the school down on Baseline road. It didn’t have the upscale seating nor the high profile sound systems in place. Just a cosy auditorium with a few notable gentlemen and some boys who were readying for a welcoming ceremony.

To the outside, it didn’t seem to look anything important. But for the boys from the C. W. W. Kanangara Vidyalaya, it was a reminder that their dreams will continue to live on.

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The biggest schoolboy event in the country…

Exactly a month ago, there was a sudden outburst on social media with photos of a sports room caught in a fire destroying all of its available equipment. When the images surfaced on the internet, the rugby enthusiasts around the country were deeply touched and empathized with agony of the Kannagara rugby establishment and the distress call was well heard. Many believed it could be the end of the road for the rugby of the school.

Built on the fundamentals laid down by the father of free education, C. W. W. Kannangara, the school is home to budding rugby players from the lower divisions until the under 19 level. 2014 saw them getting their promotion ticket to the top tier but their stint was short-lived surviving only one year.and is currently playing in Division ‘C’.

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Every year the schools’ rugby league becomes the battle grounds…

Calls went out from different individuals who were concerned on the school’s fate simply due to the fact that they were rugby loving souls who were disturbed by the plight of the school. Within a few days, the required amount to purchase the destroyed equipment was collected by different groups of individuals who responded to the Kannangara plea.

One such group was the Kandy Rugby community who took it upon themselves to see to the welfare of these schoolboys.  Not forgetting the kind people from who also contributed in the form of equipment and cash initially which allowed the school to continue their practices. The funds were channelled via numerous individuals who were determined to see these boys continue to live their aspirations.

The official handing over of the amount took place on the 12th January in the presence of the Principal and the school rugby team. The contribution not only ensured that the boys will continue to play the sport they love, it will give them a sense  of importance and standing in Sri Lanka’s rugby community.

“The personal commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal” added the C. W. W. Kannangara principal S. S. Wanigasekara.

ThePapare believes that the fighting unit of the C.W.W Kanngara rugby boys will possibly be inspired to play a renewed brand of rugby this upcoming season.