President of the IOC speaks on Russian Ban


There has been criticism from many current and former athletes along with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regarding IOC’s decision of allowing Russia to compete in the Olympic games as they believed this monumental decision should have been taken as a warning to everyone in order to curb out the ever increasing menace of doping.

Answering a question raised by the media whether the IOC was aware that “this decision is viewed by many in the media and in sport as IOC failing to protect clean athletes as the Russians have almost laughed at the face of Olympics and the IOC is not taking any strict action on them”, the president of the IOC mentioned that “This is not about the expectations; It is about doing justice to clean athletes all over the world. This way we are protecting this clean athletes with the high criteria we set for the Russian athletes, this may not please everybody on either side….. The decision today is a one which is respecting the rules of justice and respecting the rights of athletes all over the world. ”

Individual sports bodies will now have to decide on the fate of the Russian competitors who wish to compete at the Olympics. International Athletics governing body IAAF has already barred the Russian athletes from competing and the rest of the sporting bodies are expected to make a decision with Swimming & rowing sports bodies already banning 10 Russians from competing in the games.