The most awaited event of the All Star weekend is nothing but the All Star game. The nonpareil superstars of the league took the floor in Los Angeles for the 67th edition of All Star game and it was uncommonly entertaining.

Drifting from the traditional West Vs East matchup for the All Star game marks a scintillating era of the All Star weekend. After decades of defenseless gameplay, LeBron James and Stephen Curry who captained the two sides decided to twist the monotonous game into the world’s most intriguing pick up game.

Since the beginning of the month, Team LeBron had enough bad luck with the star players of the roster being injured. Kristaps Porzingis, Kevin Love, John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins were replaced by Kemba Walker, Goran Dragic, Andre Drummond and Paul George respectively. Even with the loss of previously selected superstars, the newly added faces still made an astounding roster.

Anthony Davis who was eagerly waiting to play side by side with his pal, DeMarcus Cousins from New Orleans Pelicans, donned Cousins’s jersey to make sure at least virtually, he could also be a part of the great encounter. Cousins who currently needs crutches to walk, greeted the brotherly gesture with much respect.

My brother! 🙏🏿

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Amidst showcasing thundering dunks, eye popping alley oops, step back threes and dazzling ball handling skills, the teams kept tugging at each other and crawling back into the game every time either squad was about to break free. Team Stephen who led throughout the game except for minute durations in the first and third quarter couldn’t see it through to the winning post.

Team Stephen had a double-digit lead since the second quarter which was whittled down by Team LeBron continuously till the last few seconds. The story of both squads hanging in the game was reflected upon the half time score as it read 78-76. With a game tying 3 point by LeBron James with 1:31 minutes left in the neck and neck battle, the intensity reached its climax.

The Toronto Raptors superstar DeMar DeRozan who had the game high for Team Stephen with 21 points scored at the charity line once to give his squad one point advantage. After whizzing the ball across with passes that left the fans in awe, LeBron answered back with a layup, edging themselves over the black clad All Stars.

Then came the moment for the 2017 MVP to rise and shine as Russel Westbrook who is currently the 2nd in the league with 115 steals, intercepted a pass between DeRozan and Giannis and broke out for a layup with 10.7 seconds left in the quarter, putting Team LeBron on top by 3 points; 148-145.

Team Stephen had one last go at the bucket and the ball was on the hands of the unguardable 3 point machine; Stephen Curry. Just when the Curry camp decided to breathe lighter thinking about the prospect of a game tying 3, in came the Warriors forward Kevin Durant to envelope Curry with his 7’4″ wingspan, pairing with the 7ft wingspan of LeBron James. 6’3″ guard could go nowhere.

A feeble attempt was made just as the buzzer went off by DeRozan as Curry squeezed the ball in between Durant and James but it was off target. The joyous camp of James came flooding to the court and surprisingly it was a defensive possession that decided the All Star game.

James who scored 29 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists earned his third All Star MVP honors and the fact that he’s in his 15th season of the league is mind boggling.

So that’s a wrap for the ball games of the All Star weekend. Stay in touch for the recap on the most entertaining hooping events of the year; the Verizon Slam Dunk contest, the JBL 3 point contest and the Taco Bell Skills Challenge! The superstars of the league didn’t disappoint!