The second day of the 95th National athletic championship was worked out today (01st September) at the Diyagama Mahinda Rajapakshe Stadium.

10 finals were completed in the morning session with 5 finals scheduled for the evening session. The second day produced two New Sri Lanka Records (NSLR) and two New Meet Records (NMR).

Anitha breaks her own record, Yes… AGAIN!!


The first National record of the meet was by the Vaulting queen of Jaffna, Anitha Jagathiswaran who bettered her own previous record of 3.46m by a centimeter to establish the new national record of 3.47m. Anitha who has managed to revive the Women’s pole vault event in the country is aiming Asian qualification mark of 3.50m. S P Ranasinghe of SL Airforce was placed second while  C. Herena clinched the Bronze.

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Ajith Karunathilaka Surpasses 7000 points in the Decathlon for the first time in SL Athletic History rarwr

National record holder Ajith Karunathilaka renewed his own record in the Decathalon by 180 points and with it became the first Sri Lankan to accumulate 7000 in the Decathlon. Strong man Karunathilake started of yesterday with a victory in the 100m-decathlon and continued his good form to the second day. Before the commencement of  final event of the Decathlon – 1500m

Karunathilaka needed to finish the final event, the 1500m of the Decathlon under 5 minutes, which would get him 520points in order to surpass 7000 points. He managed to finish the final race in 4 mins and 49 seconds and accumulated 625 points and finished the event with a grand total of 7096.

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New meet record by Gayanthika 

Gayanthika Abeyrathne,afdasf the current National record holder in the Women’s 800m, won the women’s 1500m with a new meet record time of 4:20.64. M.C Dilrukshi who came in second also bettered the previous record with a time of 4:20.92. Nilani Ratnayake who won first place in the Women’s 10,000m was placed third with a time of 4:21.14. Gayanthika looked in good rhythm and will be interesting to see what she will bring to the table tomorrow’s 800m final

Rumeshika re asserts while Yupun upsets Vinoj in the 100m

gggggggRumeshika Rathnayake stamped her authority again as the premier sprinter of the country as she won the Women’s 100m title0 with a time of 11.82. though far from her personal best of 11.60 Rumeshika will be focusing on securing the sprint double with the 200m final scheduled for tomorrow. L Vidanaduruge of Airforce was placed second with a time of 12.15 while youngster Amasha De Silva representing the Sri Lanka Schools Athletic Association impressed with a bronze finish clocking 12.16 secs.


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jjjjYupun Priyadarshana who trains in Italy clinched Gold in the Men’s 100m with a time of 10.52secs.  Vinoj Suranjaya who laid claimed to the fastest time to be run in SL ever at the national trials lead the race until the last few meters but pulled out with a injury. A L M Ashroff of Sri Lanka army who hails from Pottuvil was placed second with a time of 10.71 Shehan Ambepitiya of south Asian fame had to be satisfied with a third-place finish.

Proceedings of the second day started off with the Men’s 10,000m final. Sri Lankan Long distance legend Lucien Rosa holds the 42year old national record in the event with a time of 29:18.0. An Event dominated by Sri Lanka Army, 9 out of 10 contestants in the final were soldiers.  D L Samarajeewa showcased his experience in the final lap and steered clear from the bunch and finished ahead of the rest at 31:37.7 while G N A Bandara also from Army was placed second with a time of 31:38.2. P A P Maduranga of Airforce the only non-army contestant of the event was placed third with a time of 31:43.8.

In the Men’s Shot put AJD Perera of Sri Lanka Navy clinched the top honors while Samitha Jayawardane & SM Fernando from Sri Lanka Army clinched the second and third place respectively.

Women’s Javelin throw like the Men’s event lacked color as Sri Lanka’s ace female javelin thrower Dilhani Lekamge did not participate at the championship. K A MP Silva of SL Navy was placed first with a throw of 48.44m while P H Maduwanthi was placed second (45.41m) and P D Clarance placed third (37.43m). yrathne

In the Men’s 1500m R A D Hemantha Kumara who represented Government services clocked a time of 3:49.99 to win the gold medal while G.R Chathuranga & K T Fonseka of Sri Lanka Army came in second and third places respectively.

P.D Gurusinghe of Sri Lanka Army was placed first in the Men’s Discus throw with a throw of 34.90. Fellow soldier A. K Karunathilaka was placed second while Airmen D S Perera won the third place.

400m Men’s & Women’s

rrrrtyIn the Women’s 400m W U Rathnakumari was placed first with a time of 53.63 while R Nadeesha won second place with a time of 54.69. Nimali Liyanarachi, one of Sri Lanka’s leading athletes in the Women’s 800m event was reported to be foregoing the meet due to an injured leg but took part in the 400m final and managed to clinch the 3rd place with a time of 55.14. Nimali who is a 800m specialist is known for her acceleration in the final 400m and did not find her rhythm in the shorter version.

Men’s 400m was a hotly contested affair with the participation of many contestants boasting of international experience and having represented the national team in different occasions. Dilip Ruwan clocked 46.66 and managed to edge out G.A Premakumara who recorded a time of 46.85. Kalinga Kumara secured third place in the hotly contested event with a time of 47.40.

Full Event results of Day 02

E: No20110000MMenFinal
148DL SamarajeewaSL Army31:37.7
2174RMYGNA BandaraSL Army31:38.2
3370PAP MadurangaSL Air Force31:43.8
4206GPAJ Kumara BandaraSL Army31:47.8
5214TME ThennakonSL Army31:56.5
656BU WijithakumaraSL Army32:11.3
7227YPM GunathilakaSL Army32:23.4
8334KHA Asanka PremalalSL Army32:27.4
9325WV Maduranga Upul KumaraSL Army32:31.4
1062K ShanmugeswaramSL Army32:35.8
E: No202Shot PutMenFinal
1471AJD PereraSL Navy15.35
233R Samitha JayawardanaSL Army15.19
384WSM FernandoSL Army14.36
452S JayakodySL Army14.31
519Boditha Danushka DelvitaSL Army13.64
615BMH Chamila FerdinadasSL Army13.49
7384RMSC RanasingheSL Air Force13.35
82Malinda Madusanka MeththsingaSL Army13.00
E: No203Javelin ThrowWomenFinal
1750KAMP SilvaSL Navy48.44
2667HPPH Maduwanth iSL Air Force45.41
3666PD ClaranceSL Air Force37.43
4705HN LakmaliSL Air Force34.19
E: No204Pole VaultWomenFinal
1776J AnithaJaffna DAA3.47*NSLR
2658SP RanasingheSL Air Force3.20
3777C HerinaJaffna DAA3.00
4691WNR FernandoSL Air Force2.80
4733WI Udani  SilvaSri Lanka Schools AA2.80
4736BDIN DharmakeerthiSri Lanka Schools AA2.80
E: No205110 M Hurdles – No 1MenDecathlon6
138RAK KarunathilakaSL Army15.10
2390WKDS PereraSL Air Force15.63
33MMR LakmalSL Army15.74
476GPCR GunathilakaSL Army16.22
5411KDP KumaraGovernment services17.26
6506PD GurusingheSL Army18.02
E: No205110 M Hurdles – No 2MenDecathlon6
1193AVDH ChathurangaSL Army15.76
2146TPD FernadoSL Army16.32
3507DPAHN PereraUnattached17.18
4219HSE JanithSL Army17.71
5113DN BolsinSL Army22.59
E: No206110M HurdlesMenNo Semi Finals – St. Final
E: No2071500 MWomenFinal
1751GTA AberathneSL Navy4:20.64*NMR
2610NMC DilrukshiSL Army4:20.92*BPR
3651UKN RatnayakeSL Army4:21.14
4697MUMAN PriyadarshaniSL Air Force4:32.20
5633HMN NandasenaSL Army4:41.23
6696KGNMA KumariSL Air Force4:46.87
7713AMDR AmarasingheSL Air Force4:55.05
8710KHDKN KularathneSL Air Force5:03.08
9714KDP KumarageSL Air Force5:03.60
10657WMPRM NadeeshaniSL Air Force5:06.25
11695AHMP AbeyasingheSL Air Force5:15.14
12771MD Achini SewandiUnattached5:19.83
E: No2081500 MMenFinal
1431RAD Hemantha KumaraGovernment services3:49.99
2246GR ChathurangaSL Army3:51.23
3165HKT FonsekaSL Army3:52.40
4377PWG SanjeewaSL Air Force3:55.12
5244TUGI Darshana LankaSL Army3:55.56
642RA Sajeewa LakmalSL Army3:56.79
769KDNC WijesingheSL Army3:58.09
8247HKD KumaraSL Army4:00.73
9351ADL PrathapaSL Air Force4:01.64
E: No209100MWomenFinal
1773RMR Kumari RatnayakeKagalle DAA11.82
2686SL VidanadurugeSL Air Force12.15
3784DT Amasha De SilvaSri Lanka Schools AA12.16
4629WVl SugandiSL Army12.24
5626MGRS FerdinadasSL Army12.33
6787WG Ewanthi EmeshikaMatara DAA12.48
7731Shaleena ElisabathSri Lanka Schools AA12.76
8785Shermila JanSri Lanka Schools AA12.79
E: No210100 MMenFinal
14AM Yupun Priyadarshana AbyekoonSL Army10.52
243ALM AsroffSL Army10.71
335Shehan Sandaruwan AmbepitiyaSL Army10.77
4183KHACV GunasenaSL Army10.79
520Mohammad Fazil UdayarSL Army10.81
651HSS KumaraSL Army10.84
7500Asiri WijesekaraTrack Master SC10.84
8546M Vinoj Suranjaya De SilvaUnattached10.98
E: No211Discus ThrowMenDecathlon7
1506PD GurusingheSL Army34.90
238RAK KarunathilakaSL Army31.01
3390WKDS PereraSL Air Force29.58
4113DN BolsinSL Army28.88
576GPCR GunathilakaSL Army28.45
6219HSE JanithSL Army27.19
7507DPAHN PereraUnattached26.73
8411KDP KumaraGovernment services25.43
93MMR LakmalSL Army24.69
1077KMSW BandaraSL Army24.47
11193AVDH ChathurangaSL Army24.01
1278UPC PathiranaSL Army22.77
13146TPD FernadoSL Army21.90
E: No212Long JumpWomenHeptathlon5
1629WVl SugandiSL Army5.68
2729BG Sachiththra Harshani  JayakanthaGovernment services5.63
3640PSN FernandoSL Army5.38
4682HAN NawodaniSL Air Force5.30
5641HMD HerathSL Army4.95
6744WW Dilki YashodhaUnattached4.54
E: No213400MWomenFinal
1622EWU RatnakumariSL Army53.63
2620R NadeeshaSL Army54.69
3678WKLA NimaliSL Air Force55.14
4704PGN MadushikaSL Air Force55.29
5745MO UdayanganiUnattached55.30
6613SHI GamageSL Army57.83
7631KAN HansaniSL Army57.88
8738UKSC PadmasiriSri Lanka Schools AA57.99
E: No214400 MMenFinal
1254HM Dilip RuwanSL Army46.66
2252MGA PremakumaraSL Army46.85
344HK Kalinga KumarageSL Army47.40
4450PMWG Tharusha DananjayaSchools AA47.55
5444RGDN KarunarathneTrack Master SC47.77
6398SADKI SamarasingheSL Air Force47.88
790ASD KumaraSL Army48.36
E: No215Pole VaultMenDecathlon8
138RAK KarunathilakaSL Army4.60
2390WKDS PereraSL Air Force4.20
378UPC PathiranaSL Army3.60
43MMR LakmalSL Army3.30
5411KDP KumaraGovernment services3.20
6146TPD FernadoSL Army3.10
7507DPAHN PereraUnattached3.10
877KMSW BandaraSL Army2.70
9193AVDH ChathurangaSL Army2.60
E: No216Javelin ThrowWomenHeptathlon6
1629WVl SugandiSL Army29.40
2682HAN NawodaniSL Air Force26.35
3640PSN FernandoSL Army26.17
4729BG Sachiththra Harshani  JayakanthaGovernment services21.47
5641HMD HerathSL Army17.51
E: No217Hammer ThrowMenFinal
1226WGSR KumarasiriSL Army49.21
259LADEP AlansanSL Army48.73
3240Sisira KumaraSL Army48.01
487K NilanthaSL Army45.25
5158PKL PbashanaSL Army43.34
626TG TuderSL Army43.14
786HMAS BandaraSL Army42.72
8350SSD PereraSL Air Force40.35
E: No218Triple JumpMenFinal
158IDSS JayasingheSL Army16.36
237UP Atheetha KarunasingheSL Army15.98
331MNS AhamedSL Army15.96
4172TADN ThilakarathneSL Army15.62
5361CGST SenavirathneSL Air Force15.62
617L Sreshan DananjayaSL Army15.53
749DME Dinesh Kumara FernandoSL Army15.43
8120AGJM AriyarathneSL Army14.38
E: No219Javelin ThrowMenDecathlon9
1411KDP KumaraGovernment services56.03
238RAK KarunathilakaSL Army56.02
3390WKDS PereraSL Air Force55.31
43MMR LakmalSL Army50.42
5113DN BolsinSL Army49.55
6193AVDH ChathurangaSL Army45.09
7146TPD FernadoSL Army40.81
8507DPAHN PereraUnattached37.40
E: No220High JumpMenFinal
1383WP Manjula KumaraSL Air Force2.21
2560Ushan Thiwanka PereraUnattached2.15
3391WPAK PathiranaSL Air Force2.05
4515PM Dineth ChathurangaKurunegala DAA2.00
5216KSC EkanayakeSL Army2.00
6519APGDKK GurugeSL Army1.95
E: No221Shot PutWomenFinal
1659WKT FernandoSL Air Force14.52*NMR
2760MND MuthunayakeSL Navy12.62
3666PD ClaranceSL Air Force11.81
4726PA Priyangika KumariGovernment services11.67
5774Faathima Shameemah RishardUnattached11.21
E: No223200MWomenHeatNo 1
1773RMR Kumari RatnayakeKagalle DAA24.3
2686SL VidanadurugeSL Air Force24.8
3626MGRS FerdinadasSL Army25.0
4785Shermila JanSri Lanka Schools AA25.7
5757WSH FernandoSL Navy25.9
6756MHN HerathSL Navy27.8
7723IPRSD DharmasiriGovernment services28.0
E: No223200MWomenHeatNo 2
1627MASS JayathilakaSL Army24.94
2745MO UdayanganiUnattached25.01
3704PGN MadushikaSL Air Force25.12
4611DGKS JayasingheSL Army25.63
5758WHM FernandoSL Navy26.07
6739TM Madara Piumini WeerasooriyaSri Lanka Schools AA26.77
7725KM DilrukhsiGovernment services28.54
E: No224200MMenHeatNo 1
144HK Kalinga KumarageSL Army21.55
251HSS KumaraSL Army21.55
3444RGDN KarunarathneTrack Master SC22.13
4445L Padma NeththikumaraUnattached22.37
5381MPWA MilindaSL Air Force22.92
6553MHA HafeezKegalla DAA23.29
7282WGRS SenavirathneSL Army23.57
E: No224200MMenHeatNo  2
1252MGA PremakumaraSL Army21.82
2450PMWG Tharusha DananjayaSchools AA21.96
313HHKN Sandamal De SilvaSL Army22.16
4313WA KumaraSL Army22.75
5540MD Geethika KavindaLanka Lions SC22.85
6441YM Dhanushka De SilvaGalle DAA23.38
7475HPR De SilvaSL Navy23.75
E: No224200MMenHeatNo  3
145ARM RajaskanSL Army21.72
220Mohammad Fazil UdayarSL Army21.85
3340DMAP DisanayakeSL Army22.34
494HAS Sampath KumaraSL Army22.39
5160RJMKGM JayasekaraSL Army22.75
6417MMBB MudannayakeGovernment services23.37
7452Shenal AmarasekaraPuttlam DAA23.92
E: No224200MMenHeatNo  4
1254HM Dilip RuwanSL Army21.56
2175KSL WickramasingheSL Army22.10
3251WPDK WijerathnaSL Army22.38
4319WTM GayanathSL Army22.65
5436MPDAS PathiranaGovernment services22.79
6420CR KarunarathneGovernment services23.14
E: No225800MWomenHeptathlon7
1629WVl SugandiSL Army2:25.7
2682HAN NawodaniSL Air Force2:28.2
3640PSN FernandoSL Army2:31.3
4641HMD HerathSL Army2:33.2
5729BG Sachiththra Harshani  JayakanthaGovernment services2:35.5
6744WW Dilki YashodhaUnattached3:05.1
E: No226800MMenQualificationRound
1237AAW AmarasingheSL Army8:52.2
2262SDYS WijethungaSL Army
3162LSD MadurangaSL Army
4145WNSK De MelSL Army
5168GKS GamlathSL Army
389WMHM WeerasingheSL Air Force
521DMS BandaraSL Army
337YGRS KumaraSL Army
E: No2283000 M St. Ch.MenFinal
154RMS PushpakumaraSL Army8:52.19NMR
2335HMIUB HerathSL Army9:07.36
3396WGC FernandoSL Air Force9:16.56
4166MAR Chamara KumaraSL Army9:23.31
565TMLC GunarathneSL Army9:26.48
6498HMS Karunarathna BandaSL Army9:32.48
7373WRBA PushpakumaraSL Air Force9:34.32
811MD Saman KumaraSL Army9:36.02
9137AB Nilanka AlvisSL Army9:41.68