The Champions, Team Joseph Vaz and Team Hirdaramani Dominated the Courts

The champions, Team Joseph Vaz and Team Hirdaramani dominated the courts

Munchee National Novices Volleyball Championship 2023

Munchee national novices under 25 volleyball championship 2023 organized by the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation (SLVB) was recently concluded on the 17th of December successfully.

The preliminary rounds of the tournament were held at the provincial level as the tournament commenced on the first week of September. Only the players who were born on or after January 1st, 1999 and residents of the particular district were abled to participate in this under 25 tournament.

After 3 months of spectacular battles Joseph Vaz, Ruwanvella Rajasinghe, Sinha and Dorawaka Vijaya teams were managed to grab spots in the semi finals in the men’s category while Hirdaramani, Bitulink, Sangamiththa and Vijayaba Hungama teams advanced to the semi finals in the women’s category.

Team Rajasinghe and team Joseph Vaz dominated the semi final matches against Dorawaka Vijaya and Sinha respectively. Both teams were managed to win the match by 2 – 0 securing the spot in the finals. Results of the semifinal matches of the men’s category are as follows,

  • Joseph Vaz vs Sinha: Joseph Vaz 25-21/25-21 : 2 – 0
  • Rajasinghe vs Dorawaka Vijaya: Rajasinghe 25-16/25-21 : 2 – 0

Hirdaramani women’s team conquered the semifinal match against Sangamiththa by winning the match to 2 – 0 only conceding 01 point in both sets, while Bitulink and Vijayaba Hungama had a super close fight for a spot in the finals. The results of the semifinal matches of the women’s category are as follow,

  • Hirdaramani vs Sangamiththa: Hirdaramani 25-01/25-01 : 2 – 0
  • Bitulink vs Vijayaba Hungama: Bitulink 30-28/25-17 : 2 – 0

Sinha battled against Dorawaka Vijaya to win with an impressive 2 – 0 for the 3rd place in the men’s category. In the women’s category, team Sangamiththa was able to hold the 3rd place spot against Vijayaba Hungama with a win of 2 – 1.

  • Men’s Sinha vs Dorawaka Vijaya: Sinha 25-14/25-19 : 2 – 0
  • Women’s Sangamiththa vs Hungama Vijayaba: Sangamiththa 19-25/29-27/25-19 : 2 – 1

The epic battle for the championship of the men’s category went between Joseph Vaz and Ruwanvella Rajasinghe as Joseph Vaz emerged victorious in a mind blowing final. The champions fell short in the first set but managed to come stronger in the last 3 sets to clinch the title. Hirdaramani ruled over the Bitulink team in the women’s final to grab the championship in 3 – 0 victory triumph.

  • Joseph Vaz vs Rajasinghe: Joseph Vaz 31-33/25-18/25-12/25-23 : 3-1
  • Hirdarmani vs Bitulink : Hirdarmani 25-11/25-23/25-22 : 3 – 0