The ‘A’ Division Boys’ Semi-Finals of ThePapare Basketball Championship 2019 (TPBC19) was played at the Nalanda College Basketball Courts – Colombo. St. Peter`s College, Colombo and Gateway College, Colombo booked their slots in the championship finals at the end of the round. 

The first semi-final was played between St. Peter`s College (SPC) and Ananda College (AC). Both the teams commenced the game on equal footing, but it was the Peterites who consolidated a one-point win at full time. Scores read, 49-50 at the final whistle. 

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SPC trailed the game by a point at the end of the maiden quarter as the Anandians added 11 points on-board. AC lacked rebounds from their end as a strong SPC defense limited their scoring just to a dozen points in the second quarter. SPC added 19 points on the board, in reply. 

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Even though SPC led the game at half-time, 29-23, AC turned tables around in the third quarter. The Maradana lads went on to add 16 points in the third quarter and SPC only managed 09. 

Stepping into the final ten minutes of the game it was anybody’s match to take home as SPC nailed a three-pointer in the dying embers to secure the win in style. Thus, after a decade, the Peterites qualified themselves for an ‘A Division’ U19 Final. 

Quarter 01 Quarter 02 Quarter 03 Quarter 04
SPC 10 19 09 12
AC 11 12 16 10

The second semi-final was played between Royal College (RC) and Gateway College, Colombo (GCC). Even though the final outcome was expected to be a thriller, GCC recorded a convincing fourteen-point win at full-time. 

GCC led the game by a point at the maiden quarter and went on to lead the game by six points at half time. Gateway College added 15 points in both first and second quarters while RC managed 14 and 10 respectively. 

Royal did step back into the game and scored 17 points in the penultimate quarter, but GCC added 17 points in the final quarter which put them ahead comfortably. RC only managed 08 points. 

Gateway College booked their slot in the final as the full-time scores read, 63-49. 

Quarter 01 Quarter 02 Quarter 03 Quarter 04
RC 14 10 17 08
GCC 15 15 16 17

The ‘A Division’ boys final will be played between Gateway College and St. Peter`s College on the 03rd November 2019, at 4.00 PM. 

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