The ‘A Division’ consolation finals of ThePapare Basketball Championship was played at the Nalanda College, Basketball Court. Ananda College and Good Shepherd Convent secured the second runners-up slots of the 2019 edition. 

The ‘A Division’ girls consolation final was played between Good Shepherd Convent (GSC) and Sirimavo Bandaranayake Vidyalya (SBV). The game turned out to be a one-point thriller at full time. Both the teams were on equal footing at the end of the maiden quarter scoring nine-points each. 

Going into the second quarter, SBV dropped down in adding points which gave a comfortable lead to the opposition to halt the game at half time. GSC added a dozen points in reply to SBVs’ 05. 

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The foresaid narrative shifted sides as SBV went on to add a dozen points after the ten-minute break. GSC only scored 06 points. 

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It was anyone`s take to ambush and capture in the final ten minutes. SBV repeated their third quarter performance adding another 12 points, however, the slight deficit they incurred in the second quarter haunted them at the final whistle. GSCs’ 10 points awarded them a one-point nail biting win to secure the third place.  Full time scores read, 37-36. 

Quarter 01 Quarter 02 Quarter 03 Quarter 04
GSC 09 12 06 10
SBV 09 05 12 12

The boys third place encounter was played between Royal College (RC) and Ananda College (AC). Reid avenue lads were four points short at full time. Scores read, 45-41. 

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AC did not start off with the best foot as they only managed 07 points in the maiden quarter. RC led the game by double digits scoring 17 points to close the first ten minutes. It was in the second quarter that AC made in-roads adding 13 points. Royal only managed 08. 

RC did not regain the lost momentum after the half-time break as they only notched up another 08 points in the third quarter. AC however, continued the dominance troubling the scorers with another 13 points. 

If RC had pushed themselves a bit hard the game would have drawn closer. Instead, the Royalists had a repeat performance in the final quarter with 08 points. AC capitalizing on the errors scored double digits to ensure the third-place spot. 

Quarter 01 Quarter 02 Quarter 03 Quarter 04
AC 13 12 13
RC 17 08 08