ThePapare Basketball Championship (TPBC18), commenced its boys’ preliminary stages yesterday, with the Group “C” games being played at Gateway College Basketball Complex. The first match between Asian International School  and Gateway College – Colombo, was postponed due to a technical error while Ananda College recorded a win against Gateway – Kandy.

Ananda College (AC) v Gateway College – Kandy (GCK)

AC took control of the game from the tip-off and wasted no time in securing the lead. The Anandians had a strong offensive showing, varying their tactics between driving in and taking jump shots.

AC managed to score 21 points in the first quarter, outscoring GCK by 12. It was only during the second quarter that GCK settled into the game, tightening up their defense and putting the AC offensive attempts to a halt.

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GCK managed to tie-up Ananda during the second quarter where the teams scored just 7 points each but they still trailed by 12 points going into lemons.

Half Time: Ananda College – 29 – Gateway College Kandy – 18  

The second half of the game was thrilling as both teams fought to dominate the scoreboard. Senan and Yeshan from AC played a crucial role, scoring 12 points. During the final 10 minutes of the game, The GCK boys could not break through the tight AC defense and ended up losing by 12 points.

Full Time: Ananda College – 49 – Gateway College Kandy – 37

Top Scorers

  • Ananda College: Yeshan Yatwara  – 12, Senan – 12
  • Gateway College Kandy: Ponthichai Yemplab – 10, Navidu Weerasinghe – 10