(Inter-International Basketball Championship 2017) At the conclusion of day 07, AIS remained undefeated and closer to defending their title as champions.

Boys: Asian International School (AIS) vs Gateway College Kandy (GCK)

AIS continued to remain undefeated triumphing over GCK 67-47. The highest point scorer for GCK was Dineth getting 23 points contributing to almost half the score. Joel was the highest scorer for AIS getting 24 points a majority of which from downtown. GCK took some time to settle into the game by which time it was too late as AIS had already taken a 19-point lead in the first quarter allowing them to keep control of the game until the final buzzer.

Full-time: Asian International School- 67 Gateway College Kandy- 47

Boys: Lyceum International School – Ratnapura (LISR) vs Lyceum International School – Nugegoda (LISN)

LISN came out on top as the stronger of the two schools securing a win against the Ratnapura branch 66-15. Sandesh Perera was the highest scorer for LISR with 6 points while Sanjaan scored 19 points for LISN. LISN breezed through to victory in a fairly one-sided affair consistently outscoring LISR by 10 points in every quarter leading to an easy victory.

Full-time: Lyceum International School – Ratnapura-15 Lyceum International School –  Nugegoda- 66

Girls: Lyceum International School –  Panadura (LISP) vs Gateway College Kandy (GCK)

GCK secured victory in a close encounter against LISP with a score line of 34-29. Jody Mentel was the key offensive player for GCK scoring 15 points during the game while Sheneli Mendis was the key offensive player for LISP scoring 11 points.

Both teams struggled with making their offensive attempts connect although once they did settle in LISP wasn’t too far behind. LISP managed to take the lead going into the final quarter but lost the plot on their shooting and failed to maintain the lead resulting in a loss against GCK.

Full-time: Lyceum International School –  Panadura- 29 Gateway College – Kandy- 34

Girls: Colombo International School (CIS) vs Gateway College Kandy (GCK)

CIS claimed a win against GCK with a score line of 55-27. The skipper of the CIS team Leia Hamza scored 28 for her team with a high success rate of 3 pointers getting 21 points from downtown. Anjali Vilandupitiya was the highest scorer for GCK scoring 15 points. CIS secured a strong lead of 20 points in the first quarter which they managed to maintain for the rest of the game allowing them to claim victory. GCK managed to get their defence in order and reduce the CIS scoring but it was too late to reduce the large deficit.

Full-time: Colombo International School- 55 Gateway College – Kandy- 27

Boys: Elizabeth Moir International School (EMI) vs Lyceum International School – Ratmalana (LISR)

EMI took their first win of the tournament triumphing against LISR with a score line of 94-19. Kaled Alford was the key offensive player for EMI scoring 27 points while Denuka Navod was the highest scorer for LISR with 6 points. EMI breezed through to victory annihilating the LISR team. The players from EMI ran a tight defence not allowing the LISR players to score more than 5 baskets in a quarter, LISR, on the other hand, didn’t have a strong defence which allowed EMI to amass a large score securing their victory.

Full-time: Elizabeth Moir International School – 94 Lyceum International School – Ratmalana- 19