The Sri Lanka National Davis Cup Tennis Team will play a do-or-die battle against Indonesia to retain their hard-earned spot in group II. The tie that will decide the fate of Sri Lanka Tennis for 2019 will be played over two days, 7th & 8th April at the Sri Lanka Tennis Association.

Sri Lanka v Thailand – Davis Cup Group II

A rivalry that dates back to the 1960’s takes to courts once again, this February…

The first weekend of February 2018 saw Thailand fly down to sunny Colombo to play the first-round play-offs of this year’s Davis Cup draw, in a heavily contested battle. At tied ties Thailand pulled through the 5th and final tie with experience campaigners to seal the deal and advance to the next round. Having to take one step back in the competition, Sri Lanka will now play Indonesia to avoid falling back to a relegation tie as they did in 2017.

Team Sri Lanka will hope to see the likes of their most senior crusader, Harshana Godammane, back in the team for next month’s tie but due to personal reasons, Godammane’s chances look slim. His absence was missed by the team and fans alike in the battle against Thailand, as his valuable contribution would have been just what Sri Lanka needed to pull through a win.

Heavy hearts for the Lions; Thailand with a comeback win

The final day of the quarter final tie between Thailand and Sri Lanka ended …

The same ensemble that played against Thailand will face off against Indonesia as well and is one of the youngest teams in the National circuit and will hope to make a real change for the future of Sri Lanka Tennis.

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