Sri Lanka (SL) took on India (IND) in the second match-up of the tournament. Both the teams stepped into the match with a win under their belt from the first match, however, IND, being the better side on the floor, closed the game 114-48, at full time.

IND commenced the game with a full-court man-to-man press which completely rattled the SL game plan into the maiden quarter. The islanders remained scoreless inside the first four minutes of the game as the opposition racked up a lead of 6-0.

The quick rebounds, swift passes across the floor provided the offensive advantage for the Indians which always outsmarted SL. The defense attempt from SL depicted zero intense, which eased IND to settle into their rhythm of play.

SL lacked their natural pace in the game since their game against hosts Bangladesh. IND, capitalizing on it played a more intense game which unsettled SL in the offense.

India went on to add 30-points into the first quarter and Sri Lanka only managed 17. The second and the third quarter did not change the outset for SL as IND scored 28 and 31 points respectively. SL chipped in with 15 and 02 points. The score-line at the end of the third quarter read, 89-34.

It was lackluster performance from the islanders in all departments. SL should have reacted early in defense and exerted pressure and halted the scoring momentum. Offense is not the strong suit for Sri Lanka, stepping into the arena after a long-lapse due to the pandemic, hence, defense should have been tighter.

Full Time: Sri Lanka – 48 India – 114