FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Stop, Sri Lanka 2018, ended its` first day, putting the hosts, Sri Lanka on top. The home team lost only one match out of the 14 matches played in the evening session of day one.

FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Stop | Sri Lanka 2018

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Men: Colombo Bulls v BD Warriors (Sri Lanka v Bangladesh)

Colombo Bulls: Sdharu Wickramasinghe, Azir Mohammed, Rashan Perera, Dhanuka Muthukudarachchi

BD Warriors: Sajjid Isitiaque, MD Saquib, Shahnur Shojib, Abdullah Bin Alam

Colombo Bulls after a nail biting win against India in the morning session, took on Bangladesh opening the evening session of the tournament. Sri Lanka did take their own sweet time to settle into the match. Bangladesh on the other side kept on building the lead one step at a time.

Visitors led the game 15-13 with 02 minutes on the clock. Towards the latter minutes of the game, the Lankans pumped the gas to cut down the deficit and square the game 18 all at full time. Dhanuka Muthukudarachchi, using his experience at best swished the first two points at extra-time to mark the second consecutive win for the Colombo Bulls.     

Full time: Colombo Bulls – 20 BD Warriors – 18

Men: U23 Cager v Monstars (Sri Lanka v Maldives)

U23 Cager: Kisal Cooray, Praveen Ganlath, Chanuka Fernando, Nichula Liyanage

Monstars: Ismail Vildhan, Hussain Ameen, Ibrahim Naseem, Ibrahim Rashwaan

The Sri Lankan`s were in sublime form against Maldives. What Sri Lanka lacked in size they filled up with speed and brilliant game sense. It was unfortunate for Maldives as they were cut down to 03 players with no substitutes as Ibrahim Raashwan faced an injury.

Photo Album – FIBA 3×3 SABA Quest Stop | Sri Lanka 2018 | Day 1

The passing and the player coordination of Sri Lanka remained at the top level and Maldives were no-where near it. Kisal Cooray reaching on to the rim, slammed the ball hard to give the crowd some much needed enthusiasm. Praveen Ganlath controlled the game well from the point guard position to keep the score moving.

Full time: U23 Cager – 20 Monstars – 05

Women: Colombo Lions v Nepal (Sri Lanka v Nepal)

Colombo Lions: Anjalee Ekanayake, Solange Gunawijaya, Imesha Thathsarani, Prasadi Fonseka

Nepal: Anusha Malla, Alina Guruing, Bhawana Lama, Khadka

The Sri Lanka women`s team playing the first match in the evening session, beat Nepal, 12-10. Sri Lanka lacked the finer points at the start but managed to snatch up the win at full time. During the first few minutes of the game, Nepal dominated every aspect playing aggressively.

Sri Lanka had no rebounds and offensive possessions till the end. It was the odd chances that were created that brought the win for Sri Lanka. Nepal was well within reach but the couple of missed shots at the end caused the distress.

Full time: Colombo Lions – 12 Nepal – 10

After the initial three matches, Sri Lanka bombarded on the opposition teams losing only one match out of the 11 matches played. The Sri Lankan players were in sublime form in all parts of the game. What they lacked during the first few minutes of the match they made up during the latter part of the game.  

Colombo Reds went on to beat Afghanistan, 21-10 and the Afghan lads suffered their second loss against Lankan Cagers who beat them 21-12.  

Kandy Lions lost to Tamil Nadu Tigers, which was the only loss for the hosts. The match was infact decided at over time after being squared at 18 all. The Indian lasses piled up a couple of points after 20-19, to give Sri Lanka the only loss in the evening session.

Except that, Sri Lanka beat India at all occasions comfortably. Lankan Cagers beat Ludhiana Steelers 17-14 while Colombo Lions beat Ludhiana Sparx 18-13. The penultimate game for the evening session was scheduled between U23 Cagers of Sri Lanka v Bengal Tigers of India, where Sri Lanka won 21-16.  The final loss for India came at the hands of, Colombo Reds who beat Ludhiana Steelers 21-09.

The rest of the matches were sealed the Sri Lankan way as U23 Cagers beat Bangladesh, 07-17. Colombo Bulls went on to beat Monsters 10-18 while Trackmasters won against Nepal, 10-14. Colombo Reds finished unbeaten beating Nepal, 09-17.