Sporting personalities need to be looked after! – Roshan Mahanama

Former national cricketer stresses on welfare structure


The welfare of sports personalities is a requirement that needs immediate attention with the growth of sports, according to former Sri Lanka national cricketer Roshan Mahanama.

Standing up for fellow sportsmen and sportswomen like him who have brought fame to the country, the 1996 world cup winner stressed on the importance of taking care of the sportspersons in a country.

“I think we have an inborn talent. We want to showcase that and make our country proud. Sadly these personalities are not looked after, I think we do have a responsibility to look after them”

Expressing his views at the press briefing held ahead of the charity game for rugby legend Chandrishan Perera, the former ICC match umpire urged all sporting bodies to come forward to support the athletes.

“I think the governing bodies should come forward to look into the national sporting personalities”

“We’ve had so many people who have taken part in the domestic tournament and only the cream who has ended up playing for the country. There might be others who need our support, who need our help”

“We have a responsibility to spare a thought to these gentlemen”

Currently, there is no mechanism present in the country to see to the needs and requirements of sportsmen and sportspersons in the country in terms of their physical and mental well-being. This has been lacking right throughout and the need for a fund is a timely move.

“The responsible people of this country should consider having a fund at least to support these people if they are in need of help”

The Sri Lanka Cricketers association which Mahanama is a part of are currently helping two individuals who have played the sport and are currently part-paralyzed. Also, the association will channel its funds to aid Chandrishan Perera since it is a need of the hour.

“I think the SLRFU (SLR) can put pressure on to the Minister of Sports. He comes from a rugby background and I think they should initiate a fund not only for rugby and cricketing personalities but for all sports personalities of this country.”