SLC Major Clubs U23 Tournament to kick off on 18th February

SLC Major Clubs U23 Tournament 2023


SLC Major Clubs U23 Inter-Club competition conducted by Sri Lanka Cricket, set to commence on the 18th February with the participation of 22 clubs.

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The tournament will be played in a 2-day format and the participating 22 teams will be divided into 4 groups.

Each team in groups A and D will play 5 games (a game against each team in the group) while teams in group B and C will play 4 games. The table topper in each group will qualify for the Semi Finals.

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Group A winner will meet group D winner in the 1st Semi Final while the group B winner will clash against group C winner in the 2nd Semi Final. The final of the tournament will be held on the 20th and 21st of March.


Tamil Union C & AC Sebastianites C & AC Colts CC Negombo CC
Ace Capital CC Kurunegala YCC Bloomfield C & AC Ragama SC
Air Force SC Army SC Moors SC Badureliya CC
Nugegoda S & WC Panadura SC Chilaw MCC Police SC
Galle CC Kandy Customs CC


Date Host Visitor Venue
18th -19th FEB Tamil Union C & AC Galle CC P. Sara Stadium
Ace Capital CC NCC BRC
Air Force SC Nugegoda S & WC Airforce-Katunayake
Kurunegala YCC SSC Welagedara
Panadura SC Army SC Army-Panagoda
Bloomfield C & AC BRC Bloomfield
Chilaw MCC Moors SC Moors
Negombo CC Kandy Customs CC BOI-Katunayake
19th – 20th Feb Badureliya CC Police SC Surrey
23rd-24th Feb NCC Air Force SC NCC
Galle CC Ace Capital CC Galle
Sebastianites C & AC Panadura SC De Soysa -Moratuwa
SSC Army SC Bloomfield
Colts CC Chilaw MCC Colts
Negombo CC Police SC BOI-Katunayake
CCC Badureliya CC CCC
Kandy Customs CC Ragama SC Navy-Walisara
24th-25th Feb Nugegoda S & WC Tamil Union C & AC Surrey
27th-28th Feb NCC Tamil Union C & AC NCC
28th Feb-1st Mar Nugegoda S & WC Galle CC Bloomfield
Ace Capital CC Air Force SC Airforce-Katunayake
SSC Sebastianites C & AC SSC
Army SC Kurunegala YCC Army-Panagoda
Moors SC Bloomfield C & AC Moors
CCC Negombo CC CCC
Police SC Kandy Customs CC Police
Ragama SC Badureliya CC Surrey
5th-6th Mar Tamil Union C & AC Ace Capital CC P.Sara Stadium
Air Force SC Galle CC Airforce-Katunayake
Sebastianites C & AC Kurunegala YCC De Soysa -Moratuwa
Panadura SC SSC Army-Panagoda
Colts CC Bloomfield C & AC Colts
Negombo CC Ragama SC BOI-Katunayake
Badureliya CC Kandy Customs CC Surrey
Police SC CCC Police
6th-7th Mar Chilaw MCC BRC RPICS
7th-8th Mar Nugegoda S & WC NCC Surrey
10th-11th Mar Air Force SC Tamil Union C & AC Airforce-Katunayake
Ace Capital CC Nugegoda S & WC BOI-Katunayake
Galle CC NCC Galle
Army SC Sebastianites C & AC Army-Panagoda
Kurunegala YCC Panadura SC Welagedara
Moors SC Colts CC Moors
Bloomfield C & AC Chilaw MCC Bloomfield
Badureliya CC Negombo CC Surrey
Ragama SC Police SC TBA
Kandy Customs CC CCC CCC
15th-16th Mar
Semi Final 1 Winner Group A Winner Group D TBA
Semi Final 2 Winner Group B Winner Group C TBA
20th-21st Mar
Final Winner SF 1 Winner SF 2  TBA