Schools Rugby League 2020: FIXTURES OUT!

Schools Rugby League 2020

The time has come for the country’s most anticipated tournament as the Schools Rugby League for 2020 will kick off on the 4th of March. 

A total of 92 schools will compete in three different divisions in the 3 month long league. Organized by the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Association (SLSRFA), the league is set to storm the sporting arena of the country in the coming months. 

The Division ‘A’ will consist of 12 schools divided into 2 groups and ranked according to their standings from last year. 

Defending Champions of the Schools Rugby League Royal College will lead the IA group while the runners of the league and the President’s Trophy winners St. Peter’s College will lead the IIA group. 

RankDivision I ‘A’Division II ‘A’
1Royal CollegeSt. Peter’s College
2St. Joseph’s CollegeWesley College
3S. Thomas’ CollegeIsipathana College
4Trinity CollegeScience College
5Kingswood CollegeVidyartha College
6St. Anthony’s CollegeDharmaraja College

The tentative fixtures for the ‘A’ Division are as follows: 

Week 1Mar 4, 2020St. Peter’s CollegeVsDharmaraja CollegeSPC Grounds
Mar 5, 2020St. Joseph’s CollegeVsKingswood CollegeHavelock Park/Longdon Place
Mar 6, 2020Wesley CollegeVsVidyartha CollegeLongdon Place
Mar 6, 2020Trinity CollegeVsS. Thomas’ College Pallekelle
Mar 7, 2020St. Anthony’s CollegeVsRoyal CollegeNittawela
Mar 7, 2020Isipathana CollegeVsScience CollegeHavelock Park
Week 2Mar 12, 2020St. Joseph’s CollegeVsS. Thomas’ CollegeLongdon Place
Mar 13, 2020St. Anthony’s CollegeVsTrinity CollegeNittawela
Mar 14, 2020Vidyartha CollegeVsSt. Peter’s CollegeNittawela
Mar 14, 2020Dharmaraja CollegeVsScience CollegeTBC
Mar 14, 2020Wesley CollegeVsIsipathana CollegeLongdon Place
Mar 15, 2020Royal CollegeVsKingswood CollegeRoyal Complex
Week 3Mar 20, 2020Royal CollegeVsTrinity CollegeRoyal Complex
Mar 20, 2020St. Joseph’s CollegeVsSt. Anthony’s CollegeNittawela
Mar 21, 2020Science CollegeVsSt. Peter’s CollegeScience Grounds
Mar 22, 2020Vidyartha CollegeVsIsipathana CollegeNittawela
Mar 23, 2020Kingswood CollegeVsS. Thomas’ CollegePallekelle
Mar 23, 2020Dharmaraja CollegeVsWesley CollegeTBC
Week 4Mar 27, 2020Trinity CollegeVsSt. Joseph’s CollegePallekelle
Mar 27, 2020Kingswood CollegeVsSt. Anthony’s CollegeNittawela
Mar 28, 2020Royal CollegeVsS. Thomas’ College Royal Complex
Mar 28, 2020Wesley CollegeVsScience CollegeLongdon Place
Mar 29, 2020Isipathana CollegeVsSt. Peter’s CollegeHavelock Park
Mar 30, 2020Vidyartha CollegeVsDharmaraja CollegeNittawela
Week 5Apr 4, 2020St. Joseph’s CollegeVsRoyal CollegeHavelock Park
Apr 4, 2020St. Peter’s CollegeVsWesley CollegeSPC Grounds
Apr 4, 2020S. Thomas’ College VsSt. Anthony’s CollegeSTC Grounds
Apr 4, 2020Trinity CollegeVsKingswood CollegePallekelle
Apr 4, 2020Science CollegeVsVidyartha CollegeScience Grounds
Apr 5, 2020Isipathana CollegeVsDharmaraja College

Havelock Park