Renown SC – that keeps to its name


After Ratnam, the second football club to emerge from Kotahena, is Renown Sports Club. The club was founded in 1981 by the Peeris brothers.

With a young team and the football crazy fans from Kotahena behind them Renown immediately made a mark in Sri Lankan football dominating the late 80’s, 90’s and winning every major trophy there was on offer. A virtually unknown, ambitious team was making the headlines – not Saunders or Ratnam. The Club created spectacular news not just in the home front but went on to carve out a name in the International arena as well. They won the 1987 Pomis Cup in Maldives becoming the first ever club to win a foreign tournament.           

Office bearers

Patron – P.S.A. Rafeek

•President – Cannute Peeris

•Secretary/Manager – L.M.S. Rajendran

•Treasurer – Bernard Fernando

Renown’s first major final was in the FA Cup in 1984, just 3 years after the club’s inception. Even though they lost to Saunders this was a remarkable achievement. They made it to the final the next two years but lost to Saunders for the second time and Air Force but finally got their hands on the FA Cup in ’87 after four years of relentless pursuit. That win paved way for a trophy laden decade and a half for the Kotahena team. Renown was involved in 11 FA Cup finals winning 5. 

Major Honours

Sri Lankan Premier League 

1.Winner – 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 2009

Sri Lankan FA Cup 

1.Winner – 1987,1989, 1990, 1994, 1995, 2003

2.Runners Up – 1984, 1985, 1986, 1996, 1999, 2004

Colombo League Gold Cup Champions – 1989, 1990, 2003

Pomis Cup – 1987

Ratnam Invitation Cup ( 1994 – Renown v Malaysian FA Cup Champs) – Winner

1982, 1987 : Silver Cup Champions

1983: Colombo League “C” Champions.

1983: Y.A Sugathadasa Memorial Cup Champions.

1989, 1991: Abdul Rahuman Gold Cup Champions.

1989: Mayor’s Cup Champions.

1989: M.H. Mohamed Gold Cup Champions.

1989, 1991 : Jayantha Mallimarachchi Memorial Cup Champion

1989: Vincent Peeris Memorial Cup Champion. (Renown S.C Founder)

1991: Police Invitation Cup Champion.

1992: Sri Lanka School Invitation Cup Champions.

1993: Lawrence Fernando Memorial Cup Champions. (Ratnam S.C Founder)

1993: Mahinda Aluvihara Memorial Cup Champions.

1998: Viven Gunawardana Memorial Trophy Champions.

2009: Futsal Champions.

Renown has produced many players who have represented their country in the past most notably, Dudley Stainwal, Rama, Loganathan, Thilakarathna and Anton Wombak. The current team is coached by former national, Ratnam and Saunders player Mohamed Amanulla. Renown also has the services of national players, Fazul Rahuman, Mohamed Zain, B.G.K. Silva, Mohamed Sameer, Mohamed Fazal and Mohamed Hakeem.

1.Mohamed Sameer (Captain)

2.Sathees Kumar

3.Falul Rahman

4.Mohamed Riyal

5.Mohamed Rizni

6.Fazul Rahman

7.B.G.K. Silva

8.Chinedu Justin

9.Mohamed Hakeem

10.Issathul Anam

11.Mohamed Nafeer

12.Mohamed Azmi

13.Mohamed Shifan

14.Mohamed Fazal

15.Shamil Ahamed

16.Sris Kanda Raja Jenson

17.Mohamed Raseek

18.Munner Sally

19.D. Satheyendran

20.Fazal Ahamed

21.Mohamed Imtiyas

22.Rilwan Saleem

23.P.D. Priyadarshana

24.Sathees Sekar

25.Lorance Prince.