The tuk tuk is undeniably a part of Sri Lanka’s rich culture and lifestyle. Embracing this unique trend, Red Bull launched Red Bull Tuk It, a dynamic event which is now known as the ultimate tuk tuk challenge in Sri Lanka. This year, Red Bull Tuk It has returned for the fourth time, inviting sports enthusiasts to take on the roughest terrains of Sri Lanka.

Red Bull Tuk It 2020 kickstarted on the 22nd of February, in Kaluaggala, Hanwella. The challenge was designed to test the body and mind of participants who embarked on the most grueling trip through bustling city streets and challenging off-road terrains. Passionate participants made their way through Sri Lanka’s most scenic and testing routes for the ultimate trophy.

This year, the event saw the registration of 200 teams, each consisting of three participants . The event consisted of four stages, each of which encompassed a variety of tough terrain, challenges, and tasks unique to the local area. Stage 1 consisted of an Obstacle Course while stages 2 to 4 consisted of Navigation and Obstacles as well. 

The legendary journey came to an end in Dambulla, where the winners of Red Bull Tuk It 2020 were announced. Two unique and coveted prizes were up for grabs at the end of the event, with the competition tuk tuks who are eligible for the overall prize, along with the prize for the most creative tuk tuk.

Red Bull Tuk It has certainly made a splash in Sri Lanka over the years. Last year’s event kickstarted in Kaluaggala as well, coming to an end in Galle. 134 tuk tuks participated, out of which 117 competed for the overall prize and 17 contested for the creative tuk trophy. Team Ambalangoda emerged as the winner, with Team Fun Rider being the 1st Runner Up and Team Nawagamu Motor coming in as 2nd Runner Up. Competitor No. 214 bagged the trophy for the most creative tuk in 2019. 

This year, the passion and drive amongst the competitors was stronger than ever. Creativity shone through with many unique and colourfully decorated tuk tuks, driven and manned by enthusiastic participants from all over the country. The event was fun-filled, packed with action, twists, and turns, as spectators and participants alike celebrated the event. Red Bull Tuk It 2020 achieved its main goal, sparking excitement amongst people all over the country along with sparking newfound appreciation for some of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful terrains.