Red Bull Ride My Wave commences


Red Bull Ride My Wave is a professional surfing competition managed and judged by the Association of Surfing Professionals in Sri Lanka. The event is open to both local and international surfers who will compete to be the King of the Wave.

Red Bull has been actively involved in surfing events for several years, hosting competitions on every continent around the world. Red Bull Ride My Wave was launched with the aim of fostering the sport, helping local tourism, and promoting the bond of surf culture with its own twist. It also has provided a platform for enthusiastic female surfers as the event hosts a women’s surfing competition as well.

Participants are judged on their ability to perform radical controlled maneuvers in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power, and flow. Innovative/Progressive surfing as well as the Combination and Variety of Repertoire (of MAJOR maneuvers) were further taken into consideration when rewarding points for a surfer’s performance.

Indeed, Red Bull Ride My Wave has succeeded in helping create a thriving surfing culture within Sri Lanka, attracting more potential surfing enthusiasts than ever before. Ultimate objective of Red Bull Ride My Wave is to create a surfing culture in Sri Lanka. Inspire young generation to take up the sport professionally and make it a lifestyle sport to any sport enthusiasts around the island. Aligning with local tourism initiative Red Bull Ride My Wave is the only surfing competition which allows both locals and foreigners to compete together. Tourists who are on a long stay in Sri Lanka, took this great opportunity to compete in the event along with local surfers.

This year Red Bull Ride My Wave hosted 18 heats with 69 male participants. Men’s qualifying round 2 had 9 heats with 34 participants. Round 3 comprised 6 heats with 18 participants, and 12 participants are qualified for round 4. Semifinals and finals will follow. Women’s first qualifier round had 3 heats with 12 participants who took part this year in Red Bull Ride My Wave.

Red Bull Ride My Wave brings together surfing communities and enthusiasts across the country on the Southern Coast, working to firmly establish surfing as a sport in Sri Lanka.