Police and Air Force cause upsets to spice up Warrior Sevens

Club 7s

The much-anticipated Warrior’s 7s Club championship got underway today at Police Park as 10 teams battled it out for the Warrior trophy. Police ‘A’ and Air Force ‘A’ upset Havelock and Navy ‘A’ respectively to end day one.

Rugby sevens returned to the Sri Lanka rugby circuit following a 2-year hiatus as post Pandemic normalcy looms large across the Island.

The day’s proceedings kicked off as CH & FC and Army ‘A’ thumped Navy ‘B’ and  Air Force ‘A’. Army Colts showed resistance, falling short by 2 points to Police ‘A’. Army Colts were the only team to put up a fight in the first session as Police Griffins folded at the hands of Air Force ‘A’ to end the first session.

Team ‘A’ Score Team ‘B’ Score
C.H. & F.C 29 Navy S.C. “B” 5
Army S.C.” A” 33 Air Force S.C. ” B “ 0
Police S.C. “A” 17 Army Colts 15
Air Force S.C. “A “ 31 Police Griffins 10


The pattern of weak teams getting thumped continued, this time as Army ‘A’, CH & FC, Havelocks and Navy ‘A’ recorded easy wins in the second session of play.

Team ‘A’ Score Team ‘B’ Score
Army S.C.” A” 21 Navy S.C. “B” 5
C.H.& F.C 19 Air Force S.C. “B” 10
Havelock S.C. 31 Army Colts 0
Navy S.C. “A” 30 Police Griffins 0


The third and final session of the day saw Navy ‘B’ hold on after a slight scare from Air Force ‘B’. The Navy ended the first half trailing by 2-points after a valiant comeback from Air Force. The second half took on a similar fashion, as Navy stormed ahead quickly out of the box. Air Force came back, however, fell short by 3-points, handing Navy ‘B’ their first win of the day.

Air Force S.C. “B” 21 Navy S.C. “B” 24


CH & FC had it all their way in their final outing of the day, handing Army ‘A’ their first defeat of the day. CH got off to the dream start with a try within 2-minutes of the game. Army failed to get back into the game after the early trouble.

C.H.& F.C 21 Army S.C.” A” 10


Police ‘A’ brought back high-flying Havelocks back down to earth, defeating the Pinks in their third and final game of the day. Havelocks were held scoreless in the process as Police topped one of two groups of 3 teams.

Police S.C. “A” 26 Havelock S.C. 00


Air Force ‘A’ stunned Navy ‘A’ in the final game of the day as a revitalized Air Force outfit got the better of a seemingly over-confident Navy ‘A’ team. Air Force ‘A’ held their opponents to nil as they scored 30+ to round off day 1 of the Warrior Seven’s.

Air Force S.C. “A “ 31 Navy S.C. “A” 00


Day 2 will kick off tomorrow (31st Oct) at 9.40 am as the all anticipated quarter-finals begin the days proceedings.

Day 2 fixtures:

QF 1 CH & FC vs Navy – B
QF 2 Police – A vs Army – Colts
QF 3 Air Force – A vs Army – A
QF 4 Navy – A vs Havelock SC