Navy and Air Force share Senior National Rowing title

Sri Lanka National Senior Rowing Championship 2019


The Sri Lanka National Senior Rowing Championships were concluded today at the Diyawanna Rowing Centre. From Thursday until today the waters of the Diyawanna saw many crews fighting to take her home and win the championships.

The participating crews all earned their place at the regatta by winning their respective events at the recently-held National Intermediate and Junior Championships, so all were known quantities and a certain standard was maintained. Having topped the score sheets of the Open category at the Intermediate and Junior Championships, the Sri Lanka Navy seemed to be in fine form to continue their role as National Champions.

The regatta adheres to international standards, with the races taking place over a distance of 2 km. As with the Intermediate and Junior Championships, the Amateur Rowing Association of Sri Lanka ensured that the events occurred without mishap and the three days of the Senior Nationals went off without a hitch. This year was the first year in which the Intermediate and Junior Championships were merged. The qualifying rounds held at the Intermediate and Junior Championships allowed the Senior Championships to be limited to the Under 23 and Open categories only, unlike previous years which saw the Under 18 crews participating.

The first two days of the regatta comprised of the heats and reperchages of the different races, while today saw the finals of all events being worked off. Defending champions Ladies’ College won the Schoolgirls’ Scull event, with Gateway College winning the Schoolboys’ Scull.

The Open Men’s 4, comprising entirely of crews from the Tri-Forces, was won by the Navy. The sailors also won the Open Men’s Pair and placed second in the Open Men’s Double Scull. Sri Lanka Army also worked in the water, winning the Open Quadruple Scull in both the Women’s and Men’s categories. The Open Men’s Double Scull provided Sri Lanka Air Force a chance to shine, as they beat the Navy boat in a nail-biting finish.

The Open Women’s Four Minus was won by the Army ‘A’ boat, with Bishop’s College coming in second. Third place was keenly contested for by the Army ‘B’ and the University of Colombo teams, with Army eventually pulling ahead to win bronze by a matter of seconds. The Open Women’s Pair, Double Scull and Scull races were all won by the Sri Lanka Army crew. The Army Women made waves as they claimed not one but two medals in the Double Scull and Scull events (Gold and Bronze, and Gold and Silver respectively).

The Under-23 Men’s Scull was won by the Army, with the University of Colombo bagging a Silver medal. The Air Force claimed Gold in the Open Men’s Scull, with the Army winning Silver. Ladies College came to the fore in the Under 23 Category, winning the Women’s Quadruple Scull, while the Colombo Rowing Club took home the Under 23 Men’s Quadruple Scull.

As the day drew to a close the winners were awarded their medals and the overall champions were announced. Defending Men’s Champions the Sri Lanka Navy once again were crowned National Senior Rowing Champions tied with the Sri Lanka Air Force. The Women’s Championship was awarded to the Sri Lanka Army, who certainly worked hard for it. A very satisfying regatta was thus brought to a close, bringing to the waters of Sri Lanka Rowing new champions as well as new traditions.