The Lion-Hearted Lefty – Harshana Godamanna


With a rope across the driveway as his net and a racket double his size was what produced one of the greatest athletes’ Sri Lanka has seen. He is one of the three recipients in the country to receive the majestic ITF commitment award; Presented to the very few who have played 50 ties in the Davis Cup, all for their motherland.

Godamanna holds multiple records within the local circuit to remain one of Sri Lanka’s greatest players as well as in the Davis Cup. He currently holds the most total wins (Clay and Hard) with a tally of 69-25. He also holds the record for the most singles wins (43-15) and with trusted partner Rajeev Rajapakse, the most doubles win at 18-5. To top it all off, Godamanna has played the most ties for his nation with 51 under his belt with this year’s relegation tie against Indonesia.

He is a legend already made but barely heard. is honoured to bring his story to you.