HNB Mercantile Netball League champs once again


Hatton National Bank (HNB) defeated Seylan Bank to win the Mercantile Netball League ‘A’ Division Championship 2019 at the Torrington Grounds.

HNB back to back Mercantile League Netball champions

Hatton National Bank (HNB) defeated Citizens Development..

The scores read 63-50 in favour of the champions who won the championship for the 3rd consecutive time. In the group stages HNB and Seylan Bank defeated last year’s finalists Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) 70-46 and 60-43 respectively.

In the Open Mixed Division CDB defeated NTB 15-10. In the semi-finals CDB defeated Fairfirst Insurance 11-3 and NTB beat PABC 13-1.

In the ‘B’ Division final Nations Trust Bank beat Omega Line A 27-25 in a tight encounter. In the group stage NTB beat MAS Kreeda – Synergy and Omega Line A 25-23 & 26-23 respectively.

The ‘C’ division Cup final saw Brandix winning 11-6 against Pan Asia Bank. In the semi-finals PABC defeated Omega Line ‘B’ 10-7 while Brandix beat Hydramani 10-4.

Photos: Mercantile Netball League Tournament 2019

In the ‘C’ Division Plate final Airport & Aviation defeated 3DH 11-5. The semi-finals saw Airport & Aviation beat AMW 14-1 and 3DH beat JKH 9-5.


Netball Queen – Gayanjali Amarawansa (HNB)
Best Male Player – Shehan Udayanaga (Fairfirst)
Best Shooter – Malsha Rathnayake (Seylan Bank)
Best Defender – Mandira Charuni (Seylan Bank)
Best Center Court Player – Samanthi Nilushika (CDB)
Best Up & Coming Player – Omasha Silva (Brandix)
Best Attire – PABC
Best Team Spirit – Associated Motor Ways
Best Tent Decoration – 3DH

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