Havelock SC secured their spot in the FInal of the Knockout Trophy


Thriller at Race Course ends with Havelock ruining the party for CH&FC by beating them in the second semifinal of the Clifford Cup 2024 held on 6th of March. From start to the end of the game, intensity was up above the sky, where the final score of the match stood at 37 – 27 points in favor of Pink Rugby.

The speedster of Havies, Jayathu Rajarathnam opened the score card of the match by scoring the first try of the game just under 3 minutes. A superb cross kick from Sandesh Jyawickrama landed right on Janith’s hands where he was just meters away from the try line. Janith Chandimal started the kicking duties for Havelock by converting it smoothly for the additional 2 points.
( CH&FC 00 – 07 HAVELOCK )

In the 7th minute Hirusha Nethmina had the chance to put his team on going in the match but unfortunately missed the penalty. Nevertheless the power house Prasath Madushanka of CH&FC was unstoppable from 5 meters who went straight for the try in the 13th minute of the game. Yet again Hirusha was not able to get into his usual kicking rhythm where he missed the followed up conversion as well.
( CH&FC 05 – 07 HAVELOCK )

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Just after couple of minutes the loose head prop forward was sent into the sin bin for penalized action. CH was able to capitalize this situation who went to touch and Maleesha Perera just went through the defense like knife through butter getting that fallen out ball from the line out. This all happened in the 17th minute of the game, as Hirusha Nethmina was able to get his boot in track by converting the try successfully.
( CH&FC 12 – 07 HAVELOCK )

Havelock SC scored their second try again at the 36th minute by Jayathu Rajarathnam which also was his second try of the game. The perfectly worked line made space from outside for Chandimal to gain the meters Janithu needed to score the try which was executed with an inside pass from Chandimal. The assistant of the try, Janith Chandimal  converted the conversion to complete goal as well.
( CH&FC 12 – 14 HAVELOCK )

This play marked the end of a nail biting first half as both teams pulled up their best performance to get into the safer side at the halfway point. Half time score confirmation stood at Havelock leading CH&FC by 14 – 12 points.

Half Time: Havelock SC 14 (2T, 2C) – 12 (2T, 1C) CH & FC

Less than a minute from the start of the second half, Hirusha Nethmina’s boot capitalized the penalty for 3 points to get on top of the Havelock score from the start of the half.
( CH&FC 15 – 14 HAVELOCK )

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Finding space from outside, Gayan Jayamanne went running to the try line and felt meters short and after playing with advantage yet again Gayan was able to rescue the team by scoring the try with one pick and go at the 49th minute. But unfortunately cause of an unwanted action by Gayan cost a penalty from the center line in the favor of Havelock.

While Gayan was sent to the sin bin, the monstrous boot of Maduwantha got the pressure released from his side by getting through the penalty kick from the 50m mark.
( CH&FC 22 – 17 HAVELOCK )

The 45m touch finder by Maduwantha brought the chance to Havies to score a dashing try from the left corner by Randitha Warnapura. Even though bit of fumbles happened from both sides Havelock was able to capitalize the errors of CH into their advantage. Unsuccessful conversion kept the two teams locked at 22 points in the 55th minute.
( CH&FC 22 – 22 HAVELOCK )

CH&FC couldn’t hold back the winger Randitha Warnapura from action as we scored his second consecutive try in the 62nd minute of the game followed on with another unsuccessful conversion again. A lovely short pass was completed with a 30m dash by Randitha.
( CH&FC 22 – 27 HAVELOCK )

In the 70th minute Sooriya Dodangoda went to the sin bin giving a penalty for CH&FC just 5 meters away from the try line where the quick tap took them forward and few pick and go’s got them the try that CH needed by Nirosh Perera. This time also Hirusha missed the conversion tensing the spectators more with the equal points 27 each.
( CH&FC 27 – 27 HAVELOCK )

Just after minutes from that try, beautifully executed boot and chase which was collected cleanly by Havelock got the lead by scoring one of the prettiest try of the day by Jayathu Rajarathnam making his hattrick from the far right corner with an incomplete conversion at the 74th minute.
( CH&FC 27 – 32 HAVELOCK )

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At the last minute of the game struggling CH&FC was defended well by Havelock where the stolen ball was  sent  from the shorter side where the CH was out numbered by Havies for an easy try to end the match with the conversion being unsuccessful yet again from the Maduwanthas boot. Chathura Dilshan was the try scorer for Havelock SC.
( CH&FC 27 – 37 HAVELOCK )

The speedster Jayathu Rajarathnam was applauded as the Man of the match for his brilliant performance in the match making a hattrick of tries in the game today. At the full time of the match Havelock SC secured a thrilling encounter to win themselves a place in the final against Police at the Clifford cup 2024. The semifinal 02 stood out as one of thebest so far which Havelock SC beat CH&FC by 37 – 27 points.

Full time: Havelock SC 37 (6T 2C 1P) beat CH & FC 27 (4T 2C 1P)

Player of the Match: Jayathu Rajarathnam

Points Breakdown:

HAVELOCK SC: Jayathu Rajarathnam 3T, Nirosh Silva 1T, Randitha Warnapura 2T, Janith Chandimal 2C, Samuel Maduwantha 1P

CH & FC: Gayan Jayamanna 1T, Malishka Perera 1T, Nirosh Perera 1T, Prasath Madusanka 1T, Hirusha Nethmina 2C 1P