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First in the nation, First in South Asia – Sri Lanka Tennis steps up

First in the nation, First in South Asia – Sri Lanka Tennis steps up


The Sri Lanka Tennis Association announced a new tennis development initiative for 2018, which aims to completely automate the SLTA administration introducing a cloud accessed digitized platform for its stakeholders. The digitization process kick started on the 27th December with SLTA president Mr. Iqbal Bin Issack inaugurating the SLTA players registration system at the SLTA Office.

Image removed.The step taken by the Sri Lanka Tennis Association is in keeping with the 2020 vision of the International Tennis Federation, which aims to encourage its member National Federations to bring in digitization of national sports structures, leading to better services to players and other components of the game. This process is the brain child of Mr. Suresh Subramaniam, Vice President of SLTA and the Asia Tennis Federation (South Asia)

Suresh Subramaniam upgraded to Premiership

Suresh Subramaniam who was Secretary General of the Asian Tennis...

This step had firmly established Sri Lanka Tennis Association as the first sporting organization in the country to completely digitize every aspect of administration of the game. SLTA would also become the first Tennis National Federation in South Asia, the second National Federation in the entire Asia to have taken steps towards complete indigenous digitization of its administration.

The digitization process in successive stages would completely automate the administration of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association introducing the following, over the near year:

1.      SLTA player registration system
2.      Automated launch of SLTA Tennis Tour & SLTA Club Tennis Tournament
3.      Online entry and withdrawal for players, via their personal players zones
4.      Automated 52 week rolling ranking
5.      Automated Tournament draws
6.      Live streaming of matches and scores on SLTA website
7.      New exciting formats of weekend tournaments for the junior & club circuits
8.      New digitized mobile compatible SLTA website, offering ease of access
9.      Automated coaches’ registration & licensing system
10.   Dedicated coaches zone for digitized coaches education support

Vice President Mr. Suresh Subramaniam said that the digitization program aims to provide the Sri Lanka Tennis stakeholders, world class IT Services which would bring ease of navigation for all. By introducing this cutting-edge cloud technology automation, the SLTA wishes to put its tennis development initiatives in gear.

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