Massive win for St. Peter’s against Royal

Dialog Schools Rugby League 2023

Dialog Schools Rugby League 2023

The blockbuster clash of the opening week of the Dialog Schools Rugby League 2023 saw St. Peter’s College win a tightly fought battle against the much-fancied Royal College 11 points to 06 in Bambalapitiya. Furthermore, this game was also a traditional trophy game that was played for the B.C. Anghie Cup.

Yumeth Shihara kicked-started this game amidst a packed house at Bamba and St. Peter’s dominated the early proceeding but couldn’t add any points to the board as Royal College’s defensive effort was top-notch.

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It took 21 minutes for the Bamba brigade to open the scoring as Yumeth Shihara slotted over a three-pointer to break the deadlock. (SPC 03 – 00 RC)

Royal had an ideal opportunity to equalize the game but the kick from the fullback Nabeel Yahiya went wide from the right upright as the score stood at 3-0.

In the final play of the first half Royal College finally unleashed their deadly weapon -the rolling maul- as the Peterites had to give away more than 25 meters to stop it. Royal College made an unforced error amid the defensive pressure from the home side which gave away a penalty as the first half came to a close.

Half Time: St. Peter’s College 03 – Royal College 00

After halftime, Royal College made a resurgence, displaying greater offensive strength as they persistently launched attacks through their forwards. Their initial plan of relying on their kicking game had not yielded the desired results in the first 35 minutes.

St. Peter’s College encountered a significant setback when flanker Aiden Fernando received a yellow card. Seizing the opportunity, Royal decided to kick the ball to the corner following the yellow card penalty, aiming to initiate a rolling maul. It was then that Royal Hooker Afeef Akram was propelled over the try line by his teammates, scoring the first try of the match (SPC 03 – 05 RC).

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Shortly after, the Peterites found themselves with a chance to score points, but skipper Ashen Madugasge chose not to pursue it. Unfortunately, his decision proved unfavorable as the planned line-out maneuver never materialized, resulting in a free kick awarded to the opposing team. A few minutes later, Madugasge had another penalty opportunity within kicking range, and this time he elected to go for the points. Shihara adeptly converted it, granting St. Peter’s College a three-point advantage and the lead in the match (SPC 06 – 05 RC).

Last year’s skipper Sudesh Jayawickrama seized the opportunity when the game hung by a thread, swiftly capitalizing on a fumble by Royal Fullback Nabeel Yahiya, scoring the winning try that set the Bambalapitiya crowd ablaze with excitement. As a result, St. Peter’s College emerged victorious, successfully defending the B.C. Anghie Cup.

>>St. Peter’s College felicitate Rugby sponsors<<

Full Time: St. Peter’s College 11 (1T,2P) – Royal College 05 (1T)

NDB Player of the Match: Yumeth Shihara (St. Peter’s College)

Points Breakdown

St. Peter’s College: 11

Try: Sudesh Jayawickrama; Pens: Yumeth Shihara (2)

Royal College: 5

Try: Afeef Akram