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    While earnestly welcome the interaction and views of the public, a certain moderation of content will take place in order to maintain healthy decorum on all of our platforms – Facebook page/ThePapare Lite/Podi Papare/ Twitter handle and Instagram account.




    1. Derogatory posts:

    Personal attacks, abuse or insinuations on any individuals, institutions, groups will not be permitted. Persistent trolling will also be carefully monitored.

    The key is to maintaining as a space to focus on intelligent discussion of topics and we will

    look at distinguishing between constructive, focused argument and smear tactics.


    2. Fabrication:

    Saying something that is factually incorrect, devoid of facts and baseless allegations of any form will not be accommodated. focuses strictly on accuracy and fact and invites the readers/viewers to refrain from submitting misinterpretations and false information.


    3. Threats:

    We will absolutely NOT tolerate threats of any kind directly or indirectly  to any individuals and/or institutions or groups. 

    Any comments that are threatening in nature or insinuate a threat of physical harm on any official, player, school or crowd will not be permitted and such users are liable to be banned/black listed


    4. Legal:

     We will remove any content that may be potentially libelous or defamatory or material posted in potential breach of intellectual Property Rights..

    Largely, any content that we understand as an infringement of any third party rights including Intellectual Property Rights would be removed.


    5. Language:

    Comments with abusive language will be moderated and disallowed. is extending this platform for many users and it’s imperative that it should be used in a manner acceptable to all.


    5. Commercial & advertising:

    We will remove any post that is commercial or considered spam.

    We actively discourage commercial entities passing as individuals in order to post advertising materials or links.

  will enforce above and bid users to interact with content providers, individuals of the industry and each other in a civilized and mutually acceptable manner. 



    Please report to us on our e-mail address – [email protected] with the subject “Community Reports”.