Cheering Campaign to support Team Sri Lanka at TOKYO 2020 launched by Eva

The Official Cheering Song and a Communication Drive to Rally Passionate Sri Lankans

Sachini Peramune, Brand Executive, ICL Brands, Manel Dharmakeerthi, Member – Marketing and Sponsorship Committee, NOCSL, Suresh Subramanium, President, NOCSL, Chethika Rajapaksha, Marketing Manager, ICL Brands, Shanthi Bhagirathan, Group Directot - ICL Brands, Fazil Hussain, Member, Ex. Committee, NOCSL, Rishan Abeyrathne, Head of Finance, ICL Brands

ICL Brand’s Eva lived up to its promise of ‘Leading with Confidence’ by partnering with the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOCSL) as the Official Cheering Partner for Team Sri Lanka at TOKYO 2020, Olympics. 

The brand initiated a massive communication campaign, centered around the ‘Official Cheering Song’ to drive Sri Lankans to rally around Team Sri Lanka and support the 9 athletes that bear the pride of the nation at TOKYO 2020. 

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Chethika Rajapaksha, Marketing Manager, ICL Brands, Susanthika Jayasinghe, Dushan Vas, Niloo Jayatilake, Chairperson – Women’s Committee, NOCSL, Fazil Hussain, Member, Ex. Committee, NOCSL. 

The launch of the ‘Official Cheering Song’ took place at the Capital Maharaja Group head office with the participation of Sri Lanka’s very own Olympic Silver Medalist, Susanthika Jayasinghe, NOCSL Women’s Committee Chairperson, Niloo Jayatilake, NOCSL’s Executive Committee Board Member, Fazil Hussain and Chethika Rajapaksha, Marketing Manager for ICL Brands. Amidst the other guests who graced the occasion were Sunil Kanojia, Group CEO – CMG, Shanthi Bhagirathan, Group Director – ICL Brands, Rakesh Khosla,CEO – ICL Brands and others.

The event was live streamed via multiple social media platforms simultaneously, reaching out to a wide audience and kicking off the cheering campaign officially. Eva’s campaign to cheer for Team Sri Lanka will continue throughout the period of TOKYO 2020 Olympics on multiple media platforms.

Susanthika Jayasinghe who graced the occasion as chief guest praised the initiative ”’I am extremely happy to see the brands of highest caliber such as Eva coming forward to support Sri Lankan athletes at the Olympics. As an athlete who has represented and won for Sri Lanka on the Olympic stage, I know how much this means to our athletes in Tokyo right now”. 

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Susanthika Jayasinghe speaking at the launch.

Speaking at the event, Chethika Rajapaksha, Marketing Manager for ICL Brands Pvt Ltd said ‘As a brand, Eva has always upheld the values of commitment and excellence which pave the way for ‘leading with confidence’. Every single one of our athletes at TOKYO 2020 Olympics epitomizes these values. They are at Olympics today only because of their unwavering commitment, willpower and incredible mental toughness. They have made incredible sacrifices over their lifetime to realize this ultimate dream. We are delighted to join hands with the NOCSL for a mission that uplifts the spirits of Team Sri Lanka whilst promoting values that we hold high as a brand” 

NOCSL’s Executive Committee Board Member, Fazil Hussain said ”We are grateful to Eva for stepping up to support Team Sri Lanka as the Official Cheering Partner. Today, these 9 athletes represent the pride of a nation at TOKYO 2020. They deserve our appreciation, love, respect and support in their task. It is my humble request to all fellow Sri Lankans, let us rally around Eva’s initiative to cheer our team and stand behind them. It is our duty as Sri Lankans”

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Chethika Rajapaksha, Marketing Manager, ICL Brands speaking at the launch. 

NOCSL’s Women’s Committee Chairperson, Niloo Gunatilake expressed her thoughts at the event ”Team Sri Lanka for TOKYO 2020 is special in that 5 out of its’ 9 members are females which marks a noteworthy achievement for all Sri Lankan women. A leading women’s brand, Eva coming forward to cheer Team Sri Lanka coincides with this.  In that sense, this partnership too is remarkable and special. While I thank Eva for coming forward to support our mission, I invite all Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan women in particular, to join this campaign”

The Official Cheering Song is voiced by popular singer, Umara Sinhawansa and Eva has developed two versions of the official cheering song; ‘Aya Wenuwen Eva’ dedicated to female athletes and ‘Oba Wenuwen Api’ dedicated to entire Team Sri Lanka. Eva’s communication campaign to rally people and cheer Team Sri Lanka unfolds throughout the duration of TOKYO 2020, on multiple media platforms.  Passionate Sri Lankans can join/support the campaign by engaging with the campaign, using #wecan and #defybarriers on social media platforms. 

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Niloo Jayatilake, Fazil Hussain, member of NOCSL. 

Eva is the undisputed frontrunner in Sri Lanka’s sanitary napkins market with an 80% market share. Apart from product quality, Eva’s commitment to the cause of empowering Sri Lankan women has been an integral part of the brand’s success for decades. In addition to timely initiatives such as these, Eva continues to engage in long-term CSR missions, focussing on vulnerable girls and women, addressing their most urgent needs, and ensuring improved menstrual health and hygiene. ‘Eva Diyaniya’ is one example of a long-term mission the brand is heavily invested in.