Central and Western dominate Provincial Seven’s opening day


Central Province and Western Province cruised through the first day of the Provincial Sevens Rugby tournament, remaining unbeaten as the two rugby stalwarts dominated the day at Racecourse International Stadium.

Defending champions Central Province (CP), which included the likes of Navy’s Thilina Weerasinghe, Chathura Senevirathne and Samith Dananjaya dominated their first outing for the day, winning 35-05 against a helpless Southern Province team.

The other team that caught the eye on the day was the Western Province (WP) team which included the likes of Police Sports Club’s Janith Chanaka, Wajid Fawmy and Sachith Silva who breezed past North Western Province (NWP) in their first encounter of the day, winning 45-12.

Southern Province (SP) from group A bounced back from their first defeat of the day to CP, notching up wins in their remaining three fixtures of the day.

Sabaragamuwa Province (SAB) of group B did a similar act to SP as the lads from Sabaragamuwa revived their day with two wins, following their early hick-up.

Sabaragamuwa and Southern Province topped group A and B of the Women’s tournament which was conducted simultaneously.

Day two of the tournament will no doubt prove to be the better day as each team will head in reinvigorated, pushing hard towards winning a medal.

Day 1 Resuts:

Team 1 Score Score Team 2
Central Province 35 5 Southern Province
Uva Province 31 5 Eastern Province
Western Province 45 12 North Western Province
North Central Province 5 19 Sabaragamuwa Province
Women’s Sabaragamuwa Province 29 5 Western Province
Women’s Southern Province 53 0 Uva Province
Northern Province 0 43 Eastern Province
Central Province 38 5 Uva Province
Western Province 31 19 Sabaragamuwa Province
North Central Province 0 32 North Western Province
Women’s Sabaragamuwa Province 24 10 North Western Province
Women’s Southern Province 44 0 North Central Province
Southern Province 17 7 Uva Province
Northern Province 0 70 Central Province
Western Province 81 0 North Central Province
Sabaragamuwa Province 34 17 North Western Province
Eastern Province 7 33 Central Province
Southern Province 69 0 Northern Province
Women’s Western Province 0 40 North Western Province
Uva Province 48 0 Northern Province
Eastern Province 0 44 Southern Province


Day 2 of the tournament will begin on the 24th (Sunday) at 10am at the Racecourse International Stadium.