Brand new hope for CRC



The Amateur Rowing Association of the East & Far East Amateur Rowing Association (ARAE FEARA) Regatta crashed the waters of Rabindra Sarobar in Calcutta for its 78th edition earlier this week (5th January) and will go on until the 12th of this month.

The Colombo Rowing Club (CRC) is set to make their mark at the ARAE FEARA Regatta 2020 this year as well, after being a consistent performer year after year, dominating the event. However, although the local club fielded a revamped and bigger crew of 18 members last year, this time around, only 10 participants flew over with hopes to bring glory to the country and the club.

2016 was the last time the club won both the overall championships in the Men’s and Women’s categories. Last year, the Colombo Rowing Club under senior oarsman Ruven Weerasinghe managed to bag medals in almost every event. However, with much success in the concluded year, especially after winning the Madras-Colombo Regatta very convincingly, CRC is ready to bring the title back to Colombo.

This year, led by the first ever female captain in the history of the Colombo Rowing Club, Ishika De Silva, the Colombo Rowing Club will compete against clubs from over 7 countries, including India, UAE, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Pakistan; coaching duties will be headed by young Kaveen Rajapakse, former oarsmen at the CRC and Anuradha Nataraja.

The Full Crew Photos : Colombo Rowing Club Crew for the 78th ARAE – FEARA Regatta

The Crew is as follows:

Name Event
Ruven Weerasinghe ARAE Open Men’s Four

ARAE Open Men’s Pair

Sandesh Bartlett ARAE Open Men’s Four

ARAE Open Men’s Pair

Shehan Muthugala  ARAE Open Men’s Four
Sajin De Livera ARAE Open Men’s Four
Ishika De silva  ©  ARAE Open Women’s Pair
Swarnamali Wijesinghe ARAE Open Women’s Pair

ARAE Open Women’s Double Scull

Samaakhya Gajanayake ARAE Open Women’s Double Scull
Hashen Hettigoda
Arjun Wickramanayake