The All Island School Games press conference was held last evening to announce when the various tournaments of the Games would take place. These games first began in 1984 under the supervision of the Education Minister at the time, Ranil Wickremesinghe and will take place this year for the 32nd time.

This year’s edition will showcase 27 sports, held in different stages moving from zonal to provincial and then all island. There will be 521 schools participating, with over 18,000 students, who will be judged by over 900 qualified officials. The tournament dates are as follows.

Wrestling – 2nd – 4th September
Judo – 2nd – 4th September
Weight Lifting – 2nd – 4th September
Taekwondo – 2nd – 4th September
Swimming – 2nd – 4th September
Tennis – 3rd – 5th September
School boy body building contest – 9th September
Badminton – 9th – 11th September
Kabaddi – 9th – 11th September
Elle – 9th – 11th September
Hockey – 9th – 11th September
Boxing- 9th – 11th September
Gymnastics – 9th – 10th September
Karate – 9th – 11th September
Netball – 9th – 11th September
Football – 9th – 11th September
Cycling – 11th September
Throwball – 17th – 19th September
Table Tennis– 17th – 18th September
Volleyball – 17th – 19th September
Chess – 17th – 19th September
Carrom – 17th – 19th September
Physical Exercises-17th-18thSeptember
Soft Ball Cricket-17th –19th September
Aerobics Gymnastics-17th – 19th Sep