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    The self-appointed watch dog of Sri Lanka sports, is a throbbing, realistic and one of its kind medium.

    ‘ThePapare’ as it is popularly known boasts of unprecedented coverage; live-streaming of matches, out-of-the-box reporting, expert vetted content and vibrant social media platforms dispatching local and foreign news around the globe.

    The hallmark of this very home-grown medium is its ability to deliver news spontaneously and in vivid and unstinted detail. Reporting remains statically ethical, and unbiased, always striving to air both sides, taking care not to disrupt the workings of sport in the name of sensationalism. The website possesses links in every sporting unit, be it schools, clubs or national with the information umbrella even extending overseas. 

    Passion is at the helm of the TP modus operandi. Run by a group of sports enthusiasts, some sportsmen and women themselves, the reporter’s zeal for sport super-exceeds that of the average media and it is possibly the essence, of’s ability to deliver such robust and insightful news. The team works virtually around the clock and in sometimes dire circumstances. It is the intensity that has made the website such a compelling factor where the fervor of the writer conjugates with the craving of the reader and together draws a pulsating overture.

    While previews, game reviews, live streaming, updates, features, analysis, interviews, specialist’s columns are some of the salient features, the flourishing forums and fan involvement adds unequivocal character of ThePapare. 

    With an average of 200,000+ hits a month and a daily ballooning facebook membership and other growing platforms,  this tingling web abode has become the pet-portal for the busy sports enthusiast to keep abreast with their favourite sport. A cross-section of Sri Lanka’s everybody from corporate hierarchy to sportsmen and women, administrators, coaches, schoolboys and parents visit the website regularly making it the epicenter for sports in Sri Lanka

    Adopting a ‘by the people, for the people’ concept, the crew extend an open invitation to the readers to write articles, send information, contribute and join the quest of putting Sri Lankan sports on the map. is a most wholesome addiction – come get dependent

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