Results: Junior National Squash Championship Day 4

30th Junior National Squash Championship


M. S. Dassanayaka, M. B. B. Nanayakkara, B. P. D. Nilantha and A. Athapaththu won the final matches in the Under 09,11,13 and 15 Boys’ categories respectively at the 30th Junior National Squash Championship meanwhile T. Liyanage, N. A. Dias, R. I. Wood, V. S. C. Sinaly and Y. Kuruppu won the final matches in the Under 9,11,13,15 and 17 Girls’ categories respectively on the fourth day of the tournament at the Air Force squash court, Rathmalana.

Yeheni Kuruppu of Visakha Vidyalaya defeated Anargi Perera, also from Visakha Vidyalaya, in the final to become the under 17 Girls’ title winner.  Girls under 19 final contender Chanithma sinaly of Srimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya defeated Anargi Perera of Visakha Vidyalaya in the Girls under 15 category. In the Girls under 13 category, R. I. Wood won against A.D.Samaranayake becoming the champion of that age group. N. A. Dias defeated N. H. Wickramasigha in the Girls under 11 final. The most junior age group of the event was the Girl’s under 09 category. It was won by T. Liyanage against S. R. Mendis becoming the champion of that event.

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The first semifinal of the Under 15 Boys’ Category was won by A Athapaththu against J. S. Premathilakawhile the second semifinal was won by S.Perera against A.Hatharaliyadda. 

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The Boys’ under 09 final was won by M. S. Dasanayaka of Gateway College defeating A. G. R. Kiran. Boys Under 11 final, which was played between M. B. B Nanayakkara and the youngster S. A. Dias went to the hands of the former is style. Boys under 13 finals was won by B. P. D. Nilantha with a stunning victory over the H. Coralage. A. Athapaththu won against S.Perera in the under 15 Boys category.

Best events of the day were the two Boys’ under 17 semifinal matches. The first semi final was played between two Dons, M. F. F. Asmon and N. Lakman..Asmon won the tie against his teammate Lakman to advance to the final. The second semi final was won by D. H. T. Randina of Nalanda College against N. S. Karunarathna of Royal College to contest in the final.

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The schedule for tomorrow’s final matches

  • Boys’ under  17 at 3.0PM
  • Boys’ under  19 at 4.00PM
  • Girls’ under 19 at 5.00PM will bring you to match articles, results, photographs and videos from the 30th Junior National Squash Championship, so keep it logged!

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