18th AmCham – FedEx Golf tournament in early September


The 18th AmCham – FedEx Golf tournament is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of September at the Royal Colombo Golf Course (RCGC).

Taking place for the 18th consecutive year, the AmCham – FedEx Golf Tournament has been a great success in the past and the organisers this year look to carry it forward.

AmCham along with FedEx are the proud sponsors of the event and the two look to take this tournament from strength to strength.

Apart from the competitive nature of the sport, this event is built around the fun factor as it takes away some of the serious elements of the game. Speaking at the press briefing Vice Captain Avancka Herat mentioned

“This is more of a fun event. It takes out some of the serious elements of the Golf events that we host. We do have about 3 fun events and this is one of them”

Participation for this event has been positive and close to 175 participants took part in 2016. The registrations have not opened as yet but the organizers expect close to the same number this time around.

Answering a question from the media, Vice President of AmCham Sri Lanka, Kumudu Gunasekara said

“Last year’s participation was extremely positive. We had close to 175 participants with close to 50 of them being foreign players. We expect the same this year and you can register soon”

She made sure to mention, the tournament also makes sure to pledge an amount for charity in helping the RCGC caddies. Gunasekara said

“Finally I would say is the Charity we support. This is a Charity event and we support the RCGC Caddies fund. It helps empower communities around”