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Battle of the North ends in a draw despite tense final session

113th Battle of the North - Jaffna Central College vs St. John's College


Jaffna Central College were given a target of 232 runs in 40 overs in the final session to win. They were on course, but ultimately ran out of time which saw the 113th Battle of the North ending in an exciting draw, at Jaffna Central College grounds. 

Unbeaten opening stand puts Johnians in control

The day resumed with St. John’s College in a commanding position at 121 for no loss in their second innings. Openers Naganthirajha Sowmiyan and Chrsity Thanujan reached their half centuries but soon perished against Mathushan. He was in the middle of a fiery spell as he kept testing the batsmen with pace and seam movement. Together with Vijayakanth Viyaskanth, the pair rattled through the first five wickets and shifted the momentum towards the home side. 

However, the defiant 6th wicket stand and few gritty knocks at the back-end helped St. John’s College post 245 for 9 in their 2nd innings before they finally decided to declare. A target of 232 runs were given to the hosts to get in just 40 overs in the final session. The openers did not show much urgency but kept a steady run rate in their half century stand. But after the loss of 3 wickets, with their skipper Mathushan at the crease, there was real sense of intent from the Central lads. 

Photos: Jaffna Central College vs St. John’s College – 113th Battle of the North | Day 3

Mathushan came out all guns blazing as he stroked the ball all around the park. His long limbs were put to good use, as he put 4 over the rope and found the fence 5 times in his 36-ball knock of 65. He almost made a match out of nothing but, he wst johas dismissed by Murfin Abinash and that halted the run chase. 

It turned into, just the matter of seeing off the final few overs, without losing anymore wickets for the home side. They managed to do just that and ended at 176 for 7 at stumps on the final day

Match drawn

Jaffna Central College
195/10 (79.2) & 176/7 (40)
St. John’s College, Jaffna
181/10 (46.5) & 245/9 (89)
Sowmiyan Naganthirarajah c Nitharan Saravanamuththu b Iyalarasan Kamalarasa9122075.00
Thanujan Christy Prasanna c Nitharan Saravanamuththu b Iyalarasan Kamalarasa18283064.29
Vinojan Thiyagarajah c Viyaskanth Vijayakanth b Mathusan Selvarasa02000.00
Elshan Denushan c Viyaskanth Vijayakanth b Iyalarasan Kamalarasa9122075.00
Hemathushan Mahendran c Vithusan Theesan b Iyalarasan Kamalarasa114007.14
Abinash Murfin c Inthujan Balarupan b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth24301180.00
Dinoshan Theivendram c Rajclinton Rajaratnam b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth9813411273.13
Rathushan Nageswaran c Vithusan Theesan b Braveenraj Kamalarajkurukkal01000.00
Sabesan Kamalapalan b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth471057.14
Abishek Anton c Viyaskanth Vijayakanth b Iyalarasan Kamalarasa5170029.41
Saraan Anton Selvathas not out026000.00
Extras13 (b 2 , lb 2 , nb 2, w 7)
Total181/10 (46.5 Overs, RR: 3.86)
Iyalarasan Kamalarasa1525453.60
Mathusan Selvarasa421213.00
Nitharan Saravanamuththu10505.00
Vithusan Theesan703805.43
Viyaskanth Vijayakanth11.534333.74
Braveenraj Kamalarajkurukkal602013.33
Nithusan Aniston21502.50
Sarangan Sritharan c Rathushan Nageswaran b Dinoshan Theivendram01000.00
Iyalarasan Kamalarasa c Sabesan Kamalapalan b E.Denushan772398032.22
Inthujan Balarupan c Abinash Murfin b Dinoshan Theivendram15673022.39
Jeyatharsan Antony Dias lbw b Saraan Anton Selvathas21543038.89
Rajclinton Rajaratnam c & b Abinash Murfin10402025.00
Viyaskanth Vijayakanth b Hemathushan Mahendran413513117.14
Mathusan Selvarasa lbw b E.Denushan260033.33
Nithusan Aniston b Saraan Anton Selvathas10211047.62
Nitharsan Saravanamuththu c Sabesan Kamalapalan b Saraan Anton Selvathas02000.00
Braveenraj Kamalarajkurukkal b Hemathushan Mahendran07000.00
Vithusan Theesan not out1100010.00
Extras18 (b 11 , lb 0 , nb 6, w 1)
Total195/10 (79.2 Overs, RR: 2.46)
Dinoshan Theivendram1362521.92
Abishek Anton1231801.50
Sowmiyan Naganthirarajah10202.00
Rathushan Nageswaran1061301.30
Abinash Murfin1124113.73
Saraan Anton Selvathas2045432.70
Hemathushan Mahendran822022.50
Elshan Denushan4.201122.62
Sowmiyan Naganthirarajah c & b Mathusan Selvarasa501172342.74
Thanujan Christy Prasanna c Sarangan Sritharan b Mathusan Selvarasa6616311040.49
Vinojan Thiyagarajah c Iyalarasan Kamalarasa b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth116006.25
Elshan Denushan c Iyalarasan Kamalarasa b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth5190026.32
Hemathushan Mahendran c Sarangan Sritharan b Mathusan Selvarasa3140021.43
Abinash Murfin run out14341041.18
Dinoshan Theivendram c Sarangan Sritharan b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth24613039.34
Rathushan Nageswaran run out02000.00
Sabesan Kamalapalan b Viyaskanth Vijayakanth14423033.33
Abishek Anton not out31575054.39
Saraan Anton Selvathas not out4141028.57
Extras33 (b 26 , lb 1 , nb 5, w 1)
Total245/9 (89 Overs, RR: 2.75)
Mathusan Selvarasa2265132.32
Iyalarasan Kamalarasa1252402.00
Viyaskanth Vijayakanth3888842.32
Braveenraj Kamalarajkurukkal20502.50
Vithusan Theesan1133903.55
Nithusan Aniston30802.67
Jeyatharsan Antony Dias10303.00

Sarangan Sritharan c Sabesan Kamalapalan b Abinash Murfin25525048.08
Iyalarasan Kamalarasa st Sabesan Kamalapalan b Saraan Anton Selvathas27454060.00
Inthujan Balarupan run out7281025.00
Jeyatharsan Antony Dias c Abinash Murfin b Dinoshan Theivendram23521044.23
Mathusan Selvarasa c Hemathushan Mahendran b Abinash Murfin653654180.56
Viyaskanth Vijayakanth run out14150193.33
Rajclinton Rajaratnam lbw b Abishek Anton04000.00
Nithusan Aniston not out180012.50
Nitharsan Saravanamuththu not out00000.00
Extras14 (b 10 , lb 2 , nb 1, w 1)
Total176/7 (40 Overs, RR: 4.4)
Dinoshan Theivendram712613.71
Abishek Anton502414.80
Abinash Murfin1122922.64
Sowmiyan Naganthirarajah512304.60
Saraan Anton Selvathas1015215.20
Elshan Denushan10606.00
Rathushan Nageswaran10303.00