(ThePapare Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka). GSC suffered their second loss in the tournament while PGS went on to beat Ave Maria Convent getting their second win of the tournament

Presbyterian Girls School (PGS) vs Ave Maria Convent (AMC)

AMC gained first possession of the ball and went on to draw first blood. Even though, defensive strategies were implemented by AMC, PGS were able to reduce the deficit through their experience by adding 08 points in the first quarter. In to lemons, PGS took the lead in the second quarter by implementing different offensive strategies and the score board showed a score of 17-21 at the end of the quarter.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Group A – Girls | Morning Session | 03.09.2017

The following quarter was a speed and tight quarter where PGS added 17 points while AMC added 12 points. The final quarter was topped by AMC but unfortunately they were not able to overcome the lead that was taken by PGS. At the final whistle, the score board read 39-47 which made PGS the winners.

Holy Family Convent (HFC) vs Good Sheperd Convent (GSC)

This match was one of the deciding matches in the Group A. As the match started HFC was able to take the first possession of the ball and Sendrene David added 6 points within the first few minutes. GSC was under a lot of pressure but they were also able to get equal points as HFC at the end of the quarter by implementing very good offensive strategies. Yet, the second quarter was not a successful one for GSC at all since all their offensive strategies were not successful and they were unable to add a single point on the score board. However, HFC replied this with another 21 points.  Half time scoreboard read, 32-11.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Girls – Group A | Evening Session | 03.09.2017

As the second half began both teams moved into a full court man to man defence, and it was noted that HFC has substituted many players in the new half. GSC was able to better themselves in both rebounds and passing out wide, which paved the way for them in the second attempts at the hoop. GSC added 11 and 05 points respectively in the third and fourth quarter. Unfortunately, in the last few minutes GSC lost a key player due to an injury but this was a benefit for HFC. HFC banking on the early lead, passed the winning line with ease as the full time scores read, 49-27.