The annual PERA 6s Hockey tournament which is organized by the University of Peradeniya concluded successfully on the 2nd of July at the University of Peradeniya grounds.

University of Jayawardenapura were crowned Inter University Champs and Blue Horses (SLEAME) won the Inter Club segment in Men’s category. In the Women’s category, University of Kelaniya emerged champions in the Inter University Tournament while Old Pera clinched the Inter Club trophy.

The tournament commenced on the 1st of July with the Inter-University tournament kicking off.


Inter University – Men’s Quarterfinals
University of Kelaniya bt University of Moratuwa 1-0
University of Jayawardenapura bt University of Colombo 1-0
University of Sabaragamuwa bt University of Ruhuna 2-0
Rajarata University bt University of Wayamba

Inter University – Men’s Semi-finals
University of Sabaragamuwa bt University of Kelaniya 2-0
University of Jayawardenapura bt Rajarata University 2-1

Inter-University Men’s 3rd Place Playoff
Rajarata University bt University of Kelaniya

Inter-University Men’s Final
University of Jayawardenapura bt University of Sabaragamuwa

Inter-University Men’s Best Player
K.M. Dissanayake – University of Jayawardenapura

Inter-University Women’s Semi-finals
University of Kelaniya bt University of Sabaragamuwa 1-0
Rajarata University bt University of Wayamba

Inter-University Women’s 3rd place Playoff
University of Sabaragamuwa bt University of Wayamba 3-2

Inter-University Women’s Final
University of Kelaniya bt Rajarata University

Inter-University Women’s Best Player
M.N.M. Wickramanayake – University of Kelaniya

The Inter club tournament was took place on the 2nd and final day of the tournament. 24 Men’s teams and 8 Women’s team participated. The Men’s category was divided into 4 groups and the top 2 teams from the each group qualified for the quarterfinals. Having only 8 teams, the women’s category was divided into 2 groups and top 2 teams from each group for qualified for the Semi Final.

Old Bens and DRCK B qualified from Group A while Pera and Waggners, Old Kings and Blue Horses, Vijaya and Colombo Warriors qualified from Groups B, C and D respectively.

Brawlers and Old Pera advanced to the semi-final from Group A in the Women’s Category while Pushpadana Girls’ College Kandy and BMS Club topped the Group B.


Inter Club – Men’s Quarterfinals
Blue Horses bt Old Bens 1-0
Pera bt Vijaya 1-0
Old Kings bt DRCK 3-0
Colombo Warriors bt Waggners 4-2

Inter Club – Men’s Semi-finals

It was a real test for the all 4 teams in Men’s semi-final with Blue Horses taking on Colombo Warriors in the 1st semi-final and while PERA fought Old Kings for a place in final. All four teams failed to score in the given 12 minutes and the games were to be decided by strokes. The scores were level after 3 strokes in both the matches and single series decided the winners. Blue Horses beat Colombo Warriors by 3-1 to qualify for the Final while Old Kings managed to beat PERA by 4 goals to 3 and qualifyfor the final.

Old Kings and Blue Horses(SLEAME) who met each other  in the group stage , met each other once again in the Men’s final. Old Kings managed to win the group stage game but Blue Horses controlled the 1st half of the final with confidence. Blue Horses managed to put their name on the score board by playing some beautiful hockey while mistakes by the Old Kings forwards cost them the match. At the whistle, it was 1-0 and Blue Horses clinched the title.

Pera lost to Colombo Warriors by strokes in the 3rd place playoff. The score stood at 3-1 in favour of Colombo Warriors.

Heshan Rangana from Blue Horses (SLEAME) was named the best player in the Men’s category.


Inter Club Women’s Semi-Finals
Old Pera bt BMS 2-0
Pushpadana bt Brawlers 1-0

Inter Club Women’s 3rd Place Playoff
BMS bt Brawlers 1-0

Inter Club Women’s Final
Old Pera bt Pushpadana 1-0

Inter Club Women’s Best Player
S.K.Ranasinghe – Old Pera