Trinity Sixes Hockey to be held in Asgiriya

Trinity Sixes Hockey

The Trinity Sixes hockey tournament which is organized by the Trinity College Kandy is to be held on the 14th & 15th of this month at the Asgiriya Stadium Kandy.

The Trinity sixes is held in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Trinity Hockey and thus both boys’ and girls’ teams in the U19 age category are set to participate in this event . An exact number of 54 schools from all over the Island are expected to participate in this tournament which would include a rough total of 450 players.

The initial rounds will be held on the first day where a total of 70 matches will be played. Each team can only consist of 6 players. The tournament is scheduled to start at 8 am on the 14th and conclude on the 15th at 4 pm.

Photo Album: Trinity Sixers Press Conference

Trinity Hockey, which saw its inception in the year 1946 has a rich history of 70 years to date. The 1st team was said to be led by Mr.S.S.Bambaradeniya. Over the years the college team has produced a number of National pool members. The tournament is funded together by the school and the Hockey Players’ parents committee.

The Vice Principal of the College Mr. Ananda Marasinghe expressed that Trinity are hoping to continue this tournament and develop the sport enormously throughout the school and the country.