Sri Lanka Rugby 7’s fought back hard following two tough legs of Rugby, finishing third in the Sri Lankan Leg. 
Here’s the game in pictures captured by’s.

1  Better Luck next time!

Sri Lanka Captain Sudarshana Muthuthanthri shakes hands with Hong Kong Player Matt Riemany following a disappointing Cup Semi-Final loss.

2  Catch me if you can?

Dhanushka Ranjan breaks the line against Malaysia in the quarter-final.

3  Get out of my way!

Omalka Gunaratne fends off Malaysian in quarter-final encounter.

4  Rain Dance

Tarinda Ratwatta kicks off proceedings in the Cup semi-final match against Hong Kong.

5  Seeking divine intervention

Omalka Gunaratne in a silent prayer walking out for the semi-final l match up against Hong Kong.

6  Towards victory

Jason Dissanayake dives towards the white wash in the quarter final match against Malaysia.

7  No one stops me

Riachard Dharmapala breaks line and dives under the post against Malaysia.

8  Which do you reckon is the best dive?

Danushka Ranjan displaying immense diving skills to score for Sri Lanka in the recently concluded Asia Rugby Seven’s final leg played at Race Course International Stadium Colombo.