(ThePapare Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka). Girls’ segments continued at the Gateway College basketball courts as the teams moved on to the matches of day 02. During the morning session Lyceum Wattala played against Gateway College and St. Joseph’s Nugegoda played against Visakha Vidyalaya. Lyceum and St. Joseph’s won their respective matches and topped the group.

Lyceum International School – Wattala (LISW) v Gateway College – Colombo (GCC)

Gateway had their full team playing the matches during the day as Yischelle had returned and was ready to play completing the Gateway team. Although the Gateway players did their best to add another in for their team, they were no match for Lyceum as the game ended 54-37 in favor of Lyceum. Hazeena Abdul was yet again the top point scorer for Lyceum with 12 points while Yischelle Foenander added up 14 points for Gateway.

Gateway started the game off and managed to stay right behind Lyceum scoring neck to neck.  Foenander in position of center played a pivotal role in securing rebounds for her team but they failed to convert those possessions into baskets and began to fall behind. Lyceum capitalized on their jump shots to take the lead and had an effective double team on the key players from the opposing side not giving them any room to take a clean shot. Gateway struggled to get through the Lyceum defense involving only a few players in the offensive plays they carried out, although they did reduce the deficit slightly it wasn’t enough to turn the tables on Lyceum.

Full-time: Lyceum Wattala – 54 Gateway College – 37

Speaking to the Lyceum captain after the match she had this to say: “We played a lot better than we did yesterday, we had better passes and an overall better team chemistry on the court which allowed us to win.”

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Girls – Group B | Morning Session | 03.02.2017

St. Joseph`s Girls School (SJC Girls) v Vishaka Vidyalaya (VV)

St. Joseph’s College took on the under dogs Visakha Vidyalaya and beat them in a land slide victory leading by 61 points as the points table was 73-12 in favor of St. Joseph’s Nugegoda. Amanda Wijethunga scored the majority of the points for Visakha getting 8 points for her team while H. K. Thisari scored 19 points for St. Joseph’s.

During the fairly one sided game Visakha failed to score double digits in any of the quarters including the disastrous second quarter in which they weren’t able to score any baskets. Visakha had a terrible start going into lemons with a score of 50-2. During the second half, they increased their scoring percentage although the deficit was far too large to chase as were annihilated by the St. Joseph’s team on both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Full-time: St. Joseph’s – 73 Visakha Vidyalaya – 12