(ThePapare Basketball Championship  2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka). With the conclusion of the morning and evening matches of the first day of ThePapare Basketball Championship 2017, Holy Family Convent took an easy win against Presbyterian Girls Schools and Ave Maria Convent. Good Shepherd Convent who are the defending champions were beaten by the Presbyterian Girls but Good Shepherd Convent managed to beat Ave Maria Convent.

Good Shepherd Convent (GSC) v Presbyterian Girls School (PGS)

Defending champions took the hosts of Group A, which was tight from the tip off.  Both the teams displayed aggressive basketball.  Into lemons PGS, led the game by four points, 17-21. Even though PGS did implement full court defensive strategies, GSC banking on their experience went on to add 08 points into the third quarter while PGS only added 04 points. The final quarter was squared by both the teams as they scored 7 apiece. At final whistle the scoreboard read 32 all, which gave both the teams an extra time period of five minutes.

PGS topped the extra time period scoring 05 points while Good Shepherd Convent only managed to 04 points. Presbyterian Girls School etched the win by a point concluding a nail biting game, 36-37.

Holy Family Convent (HFC) v Ave Maria Covent (AMC)

HFC stepping into the match outsmarted the Negombo girls in the maiden quarter by five points, 05-10. Going into the second quarter, it was nothing better for AMC as they only managed to add a point into the scorecard. HFC replied the point with another 10 points. Half-time scoreboard read, 06-20.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Girls – Group A | Morning Session | 02.09.2017

The second half of the game was a nightmare for AMC, only managing to pile up 11 points for both the third and fourth quarters. AMC was no way near the winning line. HFC dominating the game in all aspects went on to add a dozen points for the third quarter and 04 points in the final quarter. Crossing the winning line with ease, HFC snatched the win as at the final whistle, 16-36.

Good Shepherd Convent (GSC) v Ave Maria Convent (AMC)

Both the teams had lost one match each and GSC was searching for a win while AMC was searching for both form and a win. GSC took first possession of the ball and drew first blood from a FT. AMC`s luck was in test as almost all their mid-range jumpers, bounced off the rim.  Size advantage was with AMC, yet moving past the GSC defense didn’t` seem the easiest of the tasks for them during the first half.

Half time scores read, 24-13.

GSC bettered themselves in both rebounds and passing out wide, which paved the way for them in the second attempts at the hoop. The man to man defensive strategy by GSC halted many offensive possessions of the opposition, which built a concrete lead for GSC. AMC added 04 and 05 points respectively for the third and the fourth quarter, while GSC replied with O6 and 13. Full time scores read in favor of GSC, 43-22.

Holy Family Convent (HSC) v Presbyterian Girls School (PGS)

Both the teams were in form coming into their second match for the day. HFC gained the first possession after the tip off and started the party first. HFC went on to add 07 points in the maiden quarter in reply to the couple by PGS. Even though PGS did opt to a man to man defensive strategy, HFC`s offensive strategies were even better. PGS failing to add a single point in the second quarter went into half-time trailing, by 13 points, 15-02.

Coming off a brilliant win in the first match against, GSC it was a surprise that PGS lacked form. They only managed to add 09 points to the remaining two quarters while HFC replied with 08 points. HFC banking on the early lead, passed the winning line with ease as the full time scores read, 23-11.