(ThePapare Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka). The tournament continued at the Air Force sports complex earlier this morning with Ananda College playing against St. Peter’s College, Gateway College Kandy playing against Maris Stella College, Colombo International School Kandy playing against Kingswood College and Royal College taking on D. S. Senanayake College.

St. Peter’s College vs Ananda College

The first game for the day between Ananda College and St. Peter’s College went in favour of Ananda, after a tough fight, with Ananda winning the match 36-26 points. Yeshan Sahara was the highest point scorer for Ananda College scoring 11 points while Aaron Fonseka did most of the heavy shooting for St. Peter’s scoring 11 points as well but mostly from beyond the perimeter.

It was a close and low scoring game throughout until the last quarter where the Anandians created some distance on the scoreboard by getting a couple 3 pointers. Although the Peterites scored well during the first quarter the second quarter came back to haunt them since they were unable to score any points during those 10 minutes. Both teams fought hard for rebounds although the Peterite center had a distinct height advantage. The St. Peter’s players missed crucial baskets near the rim, which left them, trailing behind the Anandians as they secured their victory from a couple free shots during the last couple of minutes.

Full-time: Ananda College-36 St. Peter’s College-26

Gateway College Kandy vs Maris Stella College

Maris Stella came back strong after a bad loss to Lyceum yesterday to take Gateway College by surprise as they beat them by an astounding 33 points difference, with a final score of 34-67.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Group Stage – Boys | 08.09.2017 | Evening Session 02

Maris Stella had come back strong fixing their mistakes from the day before, they played a more aggressive defence stealing the ball more often and collected more rebounds. Gateway College also had a strong defensive side opting for a half court press although they were having trouble with getting their shots to connect. The Gateway players had a preference for taking shots from downtown although this wasn’t enough to keep up with the Maris Stella fast breaks which is what allowed the boys from Negombo to dominate the game. The lads from Kandy managed to trail close behind Maris Stella up until the final quarter in which they only managed to score a measly 3 points while their opponents scored 16 securing their victory.

Full-time: Gateway College Kandy- 34 Maris Stella College- 67

Colombo International School Kandy vs Kingswood College

Colombo International School Kandy had a narrow escape playing against Kingswood College winning the match by a mere 6 points with the game ending 58-52 in favor of CIS. It was only during the final quarter that Kingswood dominated the game entirely scoring 10 points more than CIS. Dinal from CIS was a crucial player for the team scoring 24 points during the game and Dinush from Kingswood was the main offensive player scoring 18 points for his team.

Photo Album – TPBC17 | Group Stage – Boys | 08.09.2017 | Evening Session 02

CIS and Kingswood both played a fast-paced game as they attempted to penetrate the other team’s defence and finish strong near the rim. Although when it came to their defensive strategies the two teams differed as CIS employed a zone defence while Kingswood opted for a half court press to put more pressure on the CIS offense and try to gain possession of the ball more often. CIS managed to dominate the post collecting a majority of the rebounds thanks to their center player Elvy and sealed their victory in the final quarter scoring 10 points more than Kingswood making up for their low score in the third quarter.

Full-time: Colombo International School Kandy- 52 Kingswood College-58

Royal College vs D. S. Senanayake College

Royal breezed through to another easy victory playing against D. S. Senanayake College dominating the entire game as it wound up 63-28 in favour of Royal. Rukshan was once again the highest point scorer for Royal scoring a total of 25 points for his team while Hansika managed to score 10 points for DS.

Royal College breezed through to victory capitalizing on their defence not allowing DS to score more than 10 points in any of the quarters. Rukshan from Royal College played a crucial role in both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game helping to secure rebounds as well as playing a major role in intercepting the ball from their opponents. The game turned into a one sided affair as Royal outscored DS by a large margin in every quarter and secured their victory by a large margin.

Full-time: Royal College- 63 D. S. Senanayake College- 28