The girl’s semi-finals of the Inter-International School Basketball Tournament was concluded with Lyceum Wattala and Gateway College advancing to the finals of the tournament.

Lyceum International School Wattala vs Colombo International School

Lyceum triumphed over CIS to advance to the finals with a scoreline of 49-31. The highest point scorer for Lyceum was the skipper Hazeena Abdul with 23 points. The skipper of CIS was the highest scorer for her team with 11 points during the game.

The first half was a tight game with both teams neck to neck on the scoreboard. The CIS point guard set the plays well allowing her players to drive in and add points for their team. While on the other side of the court Hazeena and Lubna dominated the offense and defence. Lubna played a pivotal role in turning the game around securing a majority of the rebounds in the second half allowing Lyceum to outscore CIS and take the first substantial lead of the game. CIS managed to stay afloat thanks to a few occasional three-pointers but began to lose their momentum and trailed behind Lyceum.

Full-time: Lyceum Wattala- 40 Colombo International School- 31

Gateway College Colombo vs British School in Colombo

Gateway College managed to win the second semi-final in a close encounter against British School with a final score of 64-56. Yischelle Foenander played a vital role in the Gateway offense scoring 23 points for her team while Crystal Kathoor was the main offensive player for British school scoring 32 points getting in most of her baskets from downtown.

British School wasted no time in employing a tight defense giving no room for their opponents to make an offensive attempt allowing them to take an early lead into the game. The Gateway College players missed crucial fast breaks during the first half which hindered their chances of turning the tables on British. Although toward the latter part of the game Gateway managed to turn the tables on British having finally settled into the game and dominating the post on both offense and defence. However, even though the British School players were given multiple chances at scoring near the line they failed to catch up to Gateway in time.

Full-time: Gateway College- 64 British School- 56

Speaking to the Gateway College team he had this to say after his match to

“We tried to draw fouls during the first half of the game but since our opponents had good long-range shooters we had to move up our defense and guard them closer during the second half which allowed us to take control of the game.”