(Inter-International Basketball Championship 2017) 6 matches were played during the sixth day of the tournament, the quarters drawing nearer as the teams battle it out to secure a spot.

Girls: Gateway College Colombo (GCC) vs Gateway College Kandy (GCK)

GCC came out on top triumphing over their Kandy branch 46-20. The highest points scorer for GCC was Sandali Liyanage with 10 points while Shabnam Shammil scored 6 points for the Kandy team. GCC dominated the court throughout the game on both offense and defense consistently scoring double digits in every quarter while Gateway Kandy struggled to hit double digits in any of the quarters.

Full-time: Gateway College, Colombo 46 – Gateway College, Kandy 20

Boys: British School in Colombo (BSC) vs Gateway College Kandy (GCK)

The first boys match for the day was won by GCK as the full time scores read, 79-56. The key shooter for BSC was Kenneth who secured 16 points while Indrajith from GCK was the key offensive player for his team scoring 23 points. BSC scored 10 baskets from beyond the perimeter and was relying on their long-range shots to carry them to victory although they struggled to stop the GCK`s offensive attempts which resulted in them trailing behind by the end of the game.

Full-time: British School in Colombo 79 – Gateway College, Kandy 56

Girls: British School in Colombo (BSC) vs Asian International School (AIS)

AIS was down on their luck once again failing to secure a win against BSC as they trailed behind 50 -36. Both Crystal Kuthoor and Neisha Liyanage secured 21 points for BSC and AIS respectively. It was the rebounds that created the difference as much possession was stolen by BSC which was turned into points. Both offensive and defensive rebounds were grabbed by BSC.

Full-time: British School in Colombo 50 – Asian International School 36

Boys: Royal Institute (RIC) vs Lyceum International School – Wattala (LISW)

LISW received a walkover from RIC giving them an automatic win to move ahead in the tournament.

Girls: Royal Institute (RIC) vs Lyceum International School –  Wattala (LISW)

LISW remains undefeated as they went on to beat RIC, 54-17. Lubna Morseth top scored for LISW with nine points while Simali Viyari top scored for RIC with six points.  LISW breezed through to victory in a one-sided affair having the superior offensive side as RIC struggled to score more than 2 baskets in most of the quarters.

Full-time: Royal Institute in Colombo 17 – Lyceum International School, Wattala 54