(Inter-International Basketball Championship 2017) The final match of the group stages was played between Colombo International School (CIS) Girls’ Team v Lyceum International School – Panadura (LISP) Girls’ Team.  CIS closed the game with a win, 42-37.  

CIS took control of the game from the tip-off and wasted no time in securing the lead. The CIS players had a strong offensive side varying their tactics between driving in and taking jump shots. CIS managed to score 16 points in the first quarter outscoring LISP by 11. It was only during the second quarter when LISP settled into the game tightening up their defence and put the CIS offensive attempts to a halt. LISP managed to outscore CIS during the second quarter and trailed by 9 points going into lemons.

Half-time: Colombo International School – 24 Lyceum International School – Panadura- 15

The second half of the game was owned by LISP outscoring CIS in both quarters as they managed to dominate the scoreboard. Both teams had employed a full-court press as the pressure was rising with both team’s neck to neck on the scoreboard. Shenali Mendis from LISP played a crucial role in reducing the point deficit scoring 17 points. During the final 10 minutes of the game, LISP managed to tie the game but failed to turn the tables on CIS as the Lyceum defence failed to stop the CIS players from driving in which resulted in Lyceum trailing behind by 7 points at the sound of the final buzzer.

Full-time: Colombo International School- 42 Lyceum International School – Panadura- 37