(Inter-International Basketball Championship 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka) The tournament tipped off today at the indoor courts of British School in Colombo. On day one, two matches from the girls` category and one match from the boys` category were played. 

Girls: Royal Institute Colombo (RIC) vs British School in Colombo (BSC)

BSC breezed through to victory in a one-sided affair against RIC with the final scores being 54-15. Niveditha Rodrigo from BSC was the highest point scorer for her team getting 10 points while Liyara scored the most for RIC securing 9 points.

BSC dominated the game throughout the quarters being able to consistently finish near the rim due to an almost non-existent RIC defence. The girls from RIC failed to recover and move with the offensive player allowing the hosts to score almost triple their opponents score. To make things worse for RIC, the team comprised of an extremely young players putting them at a disadvantage when it came to size and height which played a pivotal role in securing rebounds. BSC played a well-coordinated offensive game using all their players on the court.

Full-time: Royal Institute Colombo – 15 British School in Colombo – 54

Girls: Asian International School (AIS) vs Lyceum International School -Nugegoda (LISN)

LISN took the second win for the day playing against AIS as the final scores read 59-22. Rashmi Perera was the highest point scorer for LISN with 16 points during the game while Neisha Liyanage contributed to almost half the AIS team’s points scoring 9 points.

AIS started the game off and set a strong defence although the LISN players managed to get through it capitalizing on fast breaks and well-placed jump shots giving them the lead from the first quarter. On the other side of the court, AIS players were having a tough time getting their shots to connect. The girls from LISN capitalized on their speed to intercept the ball more, which paved the way

to many scoring opportunities. AIS players struggled to get a double-digit score in all the quarters; in the final quarter AIS only managed to add 02 points.

Full-time: Asian International School – 59 Lyceum International School – Nugegoda – 22

British School in Colombo (BSC) vs Asian International School (AIS)

The first boys` match of the tournament was played between the host and the defending champions AIS. AIS dominated the game right after the tip off owning to the title of defending champions. The game ended in favour of AIS with a score of 58 to 26 points. The highest scorer for AIS was Joel while the highest scorer for BSC was Kenneth with 11 points.

AIS took a while to settle into the game as they struggled to get their shots in during the course of the first quarter with a majority of their attempts simply bouncing off the edge of the rim.  Even though BSC did top the defensive rebound count, they failed to convert them into points against a tough AIS defence.

Full-time: Asian International School – 58 British School in Colombo – 26