Senior Nationals 2018, Sri Lanka`s premier domestic basketball tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Basketball Federation (SLBF), tipped off yesterday, at Sri Lanka Air Force Indoor Basketball Stadium. Four matches were played on day one, here`s a look at what went down.

Sri Lanka Army BC (SLA) took on Sri Lanka Air Force BC (SLAF) in the tournament opener, the first match in the men’s category. SLAF men`s team are the defending champions of the title, however, their first outing saw them outsmarted by SLA, losing 59-70.

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In the first half SLAF scored 10 points in reply to the 22 scored by the soldiers. The consistency in scoring of the soldiers during the first half helped them stay ahead of the game and adapt into a tight defense in the latter part of the half. SLA added another 28 points in the second quarter while SLAF only managed 15.

Coming into the second half, the air-men looked more revitalized and more challenging. Both teams scored a dozen points in the penultimate quarter. SLAF did get back into the match scoring 28 points in the final quarter but the early gap halted them from winning the match. SLA only scored 08 points in the final quarter.

The second match was set between SLA women`s team v Sri Lanka Schools Girls’ Team (SLSG). The young lasses took the SLA women`s team right down to the wire. The match concluded with a 2 point win to the SLA women`s outfit, 40-38.

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SLA scored 08 points in the maiden quarter while the SLSG trailed by a couple of points adding 06. 09 more points were added to the total during the second quarter by the army women. The ambush was replied with a dozen points from the SLSG end.

Going into the third quarter, SLSG outsmarted the opposition by 03 points, scoring 13 points to 10. However, the final quarter scores read in favor of SLA, 13-07. The tussle being a close one, provided a good start for both the teams.

The third match for the day was scheduled between SLAF women`s team v Hambanthota District Basketball Association (HDBA). SLAF women`s team marched back as the winners, 51-43 at full time.

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The first quarter ended in favor of SLAF 12-10. HDBA did bounce back strongly into the game during the second quarter, scoring 19 points in reply to the SLAF’s 15. HDBA failed to keep up the same consistency after lemons. SLAF scored 15 points in third quarter while HDBA only managed 07. The final quarter of the match was a low scoring affair which swung back to SLAF 09-07.

The final match for day one was played between Puttlam District Basketball Association (PDBA) v Colombo District Basketball Association (CDBA). CDBA outsmarted PDBA in all aspects registering a comfortable 23-point win at full time, 43-66.

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