Sri Lanka was knocked out in the group-stages of the FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup 2017, as both women`s team and the men`s team lost their respective games. Both teams battled hard and took the games right down to the wire, even though they ended on the losing side.

Game 01: Sri Lanka v China (Women)

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 Sri Lanka took on China in the first game for the day. Sri Lanka walked into the match with height advantage yet failed to capitalize on it as the rebounds were topped by the Chinese. It was the defense that changed the game between either sides as, Sri Lankan PG Jayani Nugi Ransari failed to break through the double team defense.

Out of the in the team Solange Gunawijaya scored 05 points and Imesha Thathsarani scored 04 points. Kumraine Silva and Jayani Nugi Ransari remained scoreless in the game. Sri Lanka were placed in foul trouble as they committed six fouls with in game-play. All in all the tournament opener ended in despair as Sri Lanka ended on the losing side at full time, 18-09.         

Game 02: Sri Lanka v Chinese Taipei (Men)

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Sri Lanka did draw first blood and went on to lead the game 05-03 inside the first couple of minutes. Both teams went hard at each other forcing each to commit mistakes. The game was squared twice at eight all and twelve all.

Sri Lanka did opt for their shots from outside the arc and fancied their chances inside the paint too. Both Clinton Stallone and Sudesh Paiva scored 03 two pointers each from downtown. Clinton went on to score 06 points in total while Sudesh Paiva scored 08 points in total.

The islanders lacked pace in transferring from offense to defence as Chinese Taipei hit the gaps swiftly within the allotted time. It was the pace of the opposition that took Sri Lanka away from the game. Chinese Taipei played fast and made sure rebounds too came in handy in both offensive and defensive aspects. If only the Sri Lankan lads had a bit more fitness left in their tank perhaps Chinese Taipei would have not hit the gaps and scored the 21 points to end the game.

Full Time: Sri Lanka – 17 Chinese Taipei – 21

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 Game 03: Sri Lanka v Mongolia (Women)

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  Sri Lanka did well to score off the first possession but the hosting nation Mongolia was even better in equalizing the score board 2 all in the very next possession. Sri Lanka was not anywhere near the game, outsmarted in all aspects.

Pace, rebounds, rotation of the ball and even positioning to grab the rebound was executed perfectly by the Mongolians. The hosting nation was strong from arc spanning across from left to right wing. Mongolia went on to score 15 points from downtown while Sri Lank only managed 07 points.

It was the quick passes and the cuts that Sri Lanka failed to close down and eventually fitness came into play as players showed a drop in speed in moving across.

Sri Lanka went on to commit 05 fouls in the game while Mongolia remained at 02.

 Full Time: Sri Lanka – 10 Mongolia – 22

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Game 04: Sri Lanka v Kazakhstan (Men)

Sri Lanka did start off first in the game scoring right after the first check. Yet, it was a tough ask to guard the Kazakhstan lads with their tall and athletic physique. Even though Kazakhstan did not score much from the arc they penetrated in creating lapses after lapses in the defence.

Kazakhstan scored 11 points inside the paint while they only scored 08 points from outside the arc. The rest of the points came via FTs. Sri Lanka went on to score 03 points in the paint while, 10 points came outside from the perimeter. The remaining point came of a FT from Clinton Stallone.

Fitness and physique defining the difference of the players it was tough luck for the Sri Lanka lads to outsmart the opposition and place themselves in the knock-out stage.

Sri Lanka went on to commit 6 fouls while Kazakhstan remained at 03.

 Full time: Sri Lanka – 14 Kazakhstan – 21