The FIBA under 23 3×3 Nations League Basketball Tournament commenced on the 18th of August with Sri Lanka, Hungary, Netherlands, Jordan, Slovenia and the Czech Republic going head to head against each other. As the matches of the fourth stage commenced the young men’s teams from Sri Lanka lost all the matches they had for the day.

Sri Lanka 1 vs Slovenia

Slovenia started off the game attempting to score from downtown and moved on to well-coordinated attack under the basket using their height to their advantage. Sri Lanka found it tough to penetrate the Slovenian defence and score as Slovenia started to take a quick lead. The superior Slovenian rebounding allowed Slovenia to man handle Sri Lanka and take an easy win beating them before the end of the clock 21-7 as Sri Lanka failed to penetrate the defence and score.

Full Time: Sri Lanka 7 – 21 Slovenia

Sri Lanka 2 vs Hungary

Hungary started off with the first basket but just as the game started the play was interrupted due to rain. After a brief intermission when the game restarted Sri Lanka caught up to Hungary. The Hungarians used their height to their advantage and shot over the Sri Lankan defenders and maintained the lead. Sri Lanka caught up and even equalled the points at one point of the game thanks to Nichula’s shots from downtown but they slowed down during the final minute and Hungary took the win by 4 points as time ran out.

Full Time: Sri Lanka 15 – 19 Hungary

Sri Lanka 1 vs Netherlands

Netherlands started strong and gained a quick lead in the game consistently finishing strong near the rim, although Sri Lanka trailed closely during the first couple minutes. The Netherlands defence pushed the Sri Lankans out and forced them to take jump shots. Sri Lanka attempted to catch up from downtown but Netherlands dunked their way to victory.

Full Time: Sri Lanka 10 – 22 Netherlands

Sri Lanka 2 vs Czech Republic

The team from the Czech Republic started off the game with a quick hook shot. While Sri Lanka had some bad luck with their shots with most of them bouncing off the edge of the rim, although thanks to the Sri Lankan defence they managed to trail behind closely. Both teams had exceeded the foul count and Sri Lanka capitalized on this and equalled the score with 30 seconds to go. Unfortunately for Sri Lanka they ran out of time to score as a last minute shot by the Czech Republic had them leading and Sri Lanka lost by 01 point.

Full Time: Sri Lanka 11 – 12 Czech Republic


Sri Lanka 1 7 –  21 Slovenia
Sri Lanka 2 15 – 19 Hungary
Sri Lanka 1 10 – 22 Netherlands
Sri Lanka 2 11 – 12 Czech Republic